Jeffco Schools Exceeds State in TCAP

The 2013-14 TCAP results show Jeffco's percentage of advanced and proficient students continues to outperform the state in each content area and all grade levels.  Overall, Jeffco students meet or exceed the typical 50th percentile in reading, writing and math.

“In math, we saw great gains with our Jeffco eighth and ninth graders who gained three to four points in proficiency from last year,” said Jeffco Chief Academic Officer Syna Morgan.  “Jeffco continued to outpace the state on the Colorado ACT scores by raising the score from 21.2 in 2013 to 21.5 in 2014.”;

Jeffco’s 2014 TCAP advanced/proficient performance remained relatively stable, with some slight increases or decreases, typically one percentage point, in some areas.  The district’s overall 2014 TCAP Median Growth Percentile in reading rose by 1 percentile from last year, increasing to the 52nd percentile. 

Other highlights from Jeffco's 2013-14 TCAP scores include:

  • District writing TCAP performance maintained typical growth in the 50th percentile for 2014.
  • District math growth has maintained the 55th percentile for the past three years.

"While the TCAP results provide one view of the academic performance of Jeffco students, we look forward to providing a body of evidence to show the full picture of student success," added Morgan.

Find Jeffco’s entire TCAP results by visiting the Colorado Department of Education website.

Welcome from Superintendent Dan McMinimee

On Tuesday, July 1, Dan McMinimee began his tenure as the superintendent of Jeffco Public Schools. McMinimee previously served as the assistant superintendent of secondary education in Douglas County and has two children who have graduated from Jeffco Schools.

Please take a moment to watch this video message from the new superintendent.

Chalk Talk - Parent Newsletter Published

Jeffco families can stay informed about the latest news from the school district by reading Chalk Talk, the e-newsletter for Jeffco parents and guardians. Chalk Talk is sent to approximately 80,000 family email addresses each month. See the latest edition here.


Engage Jeffco Schools

The district is always looking for ways to better connect with the people who have an interest in our schools. We also understand that attending a meeting to make your voice heard is not always possible. We searched for another way to connect with our community and we think we have found it. We offer an online discussion forum Engage Jeffco Schools.

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