Special Education Advisory Committee

Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) provides the executive director and directors of the Special Education Department with a parental and community perspective regarding needs of students receiving special education. The purpose is to:

  • Advise the special education department on services and programs
  • Educate stakeholders and community on special education topics
  • Connect and Collaborate with various school and community groups
  • Communicate with families, schools, and community
  • Advocate for communication, operation, and partnership among families, schools, and community
Standards of Operation

Decision Making: The Special Education Advisory Committee function and that of its subcommittees is advisory. When the group needs to make a decision (examples: training to offer, change to by-laws, consensus on advice requested by special education) SEAC will use a decision making process that begins with advisement and uses the Collaborative Decision Making Model (CDM) with consensus as the goal.

Information related to activities of the group will be shared with parents of students receiving special education and with staff through presentations, fliers, and school and district newsletters. Read the complete details of the SEAC Standards for Operation here.

Leadership Responsibilities:
The co-chairs and secretary will be responsible for these activities.

Subcommittee Roles: SEAC will have the following subcommittees.

Special Education Advisory Committee
Meeting Schedule - To Be Announced

Review the Meeting Norms here.


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Special Education Department Resources



Mobilizing Families

The ARC presents classes for families with special needs children. There is so much to learn that families often feel overwhelmed and stuggle to get what they need for their child. Contact the ARC about their award-winning training programs.

Life After High School

These free web-based workshops for youth, ages 15 to 21, with disabiliites and their families and caregivers can help with transition. Read More.

SEAC Information Line

The SEAC Information Line/Voicemail at 303-982-6583 contains upcoming training information and opportunities for parents of with special education children.

Contact Information

Sue Chandler
Executive Director of Special Education

For questions or concerns, please call 303-982-6690.