Licensed Professional Pay - Incoming New Hires

Jeffco Public Schools believes a licensed teacher develops their craft at an accelerated rate during the first 7 years in their profession.  Jeffco Public Schools also recognizes the significance that years of experience has regarding the overall effectiveness as a licensed professional.  Therefore, you will notice a more accelerated approach in the salary plan for the first 7 years. Advanced education also plays a significant role within applicable content areas.  As a result, the pay plan for new incoming licensed professionals has been established to reward these concepts.  Below are explanations of how years of service and degrees are considered when determining starting salary.  To gain a better perspective of your potential salary as a licensed professional with Jeffco Public Schools, please read through the guidelines and utilize the calculator at the bottom of this page.

Upon securing a position with Jeffco Public Schools you will receive salary progression through the evaluation process.  Licensed professionals who receive an Effective or Highly Effective rating will be awarded additional compensation based on their professional practices evaluation.  

Years of Experience

Jeffco Public Schools determines years of experience based on certain criteria.  A Years of Service Affirmation form will need to be submitted in order for years of service to be credited.

Download the Years of Service Affirmation form

A year of service is determined by the following criteria:

Licensed Professionals:

  • Full-time, contracted, K-12 experience (minimum of one semester or 90 days is equal to one year of service)
  • .5 FTE-.9 FTE contracted K-12 experience:  Two consecutive part-time years will be granted as one year of service
  • Service years completed at a non K-12 institution such as peace corps or other teaching abroad: you will need to provide a contract, job description or other supporting documentation for consideration

Licensed Professionals - Special Education Related Experience:

  • Full-time, full-year, “like” service based on your area of professional service (nursing, OT/PT, Mental Health, SLP)
  • 20-39 hours per week is considered part-time.  Two consecutive part-time years will be granted as one year of service
  • PRN work is not accepted
  • Social Workers, School Psychologists and Nurses must provide job descriptions for work that is not at a school district

Degree(s) Conferred

Jeffco Public Schools awards additional compensation in regards to a conferred Masters’ Degree when it is directly applicable to the position you will hold.  All degrees must be obtained from an accredited program and official transcripts will need to be submitted in order for a degree to be evaluated.

Salary Calculations

Jeffco Public Schools has established an initial starting salary for licensed professionals.  The numbers below show initial starting salaries for all licensed positions. This assumes 0 years of experience and is determined on the type of position and/or applicable degree.

  • Bachelor's:  $38,000
  • Applicable Master's:  $41,420
  • Hard to Fill Positions:  $44,840

Hard to Fill Positions include: Social Workers, School Psychologists, ESL Central Resource Teachers, Behavior Analysts, Audiologists, Coordinator (SpEd, SLP, OT), Speech Language Pathologists, Nurse, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist

Teacher Librarian and Counselor positions follow the Bachelor and Master's levels, but are prorated for additional days worked.

Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA), Administrative Intern, Dean, Master Teacher and Instructional Coach will follow the Licensed Teacher Salary Schedule.

Initial Pay Calculator

Any additional years of experience or applicable education will be granted additional compensation.  Please utilize the calculator below to determine your potential starting salary with Jeffco Public Schools.

What is your position?

Do you have an applicable degree?

Select Your Years of Teaching Experience:


Disclaimer: This salary calculator is for a full 1.0 FTE, full-year assignment. Positions less than a 1.0 FTE or which become effective after the start of the school year, salary will be prorated. It does not finalize your starting salary with Jeffco Public Schools, but is intended to be a guideline of potential salary. If you secure a position with Jeffco Public Schools your salary will be determined through a process where years of experience and degrees will be evaluated and finalized.

Archived Salary Schedules

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