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Financial services is responsible for leading, advising and consulting with the school district, government entities, citizens, and professional organizations on financial issues. Financial services is responsible for conducting school and department audits and insuring compliance with district financial policies and procedures as well as federal, state and local regulations. Financial services provides administrative support to all departments and schools in regard to their financial needs and consists of the following departments: Accounting, Accounts Payable, Budget Management including Compliance and Assurance - Grants Accounting and School Accounting Support Team (SAST), Internal Audit, Payroll, Purchasing, and Risk Management.

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Financial Oversight Committee

In 1999, the Board of Education chose citizens from a group of applicants to serve on the District's Financial Oversight Committee (FOC). The primary function of the committee is to assist the Board of Education in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities by reviewing financial information, internal controls, ethics and assess business risk. Read more.

Audit Committee

In February 2013, the Board of Education established an Audit Committee with the primary purpose of fulfilling its fiduciary responsibilities by monitoring the district’s financial reporting process and internal control systems, recommend the district’s independent auditors, review and appraise the work of auditors, coordinate with the financial Oversight committee to review, assess and analyze impacts of proposed financial management policy and process changes. Read more.

Financial Transparency

Jeffco Public School is committed to providing a clear view of how tax dollars are spent and how we operate. We invite you to use the Payment Review Searchable Database to track expenditures and review salary schedules on the Financial Transparency Web page.

Budget Development

Adoption and appropriation of the final 2016-17 budget was approved at the June 2, 2016, BOE meeting. Read more for an overview of the budget development process.

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Understanding Total Appropriations and Why Schools Focus on the General Fund for Budgeting

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