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Governmental Funds excluding Campus (Student) Activity:

These funds are supported by Colorado state equalization, property taxes, state categorical, educational curriculum fees, interest earnings and grant revenues.
Funds included:
GF010 – General fund
CP010 - Capital Reserve
IS020 - Employee Benefits
IS030 – Insurance Reserve
IS050 – Central Services
IS080 – Technology
SR010 – Grants
GF020 – Charters

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Campus (Student) Activity Fund:

This fund is used to account for revenues collected from students for fundraising, donations and fees for special programs, trips and events.

SR030 – Campus Activity

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Enterprise Funds:

These funds are used to account for operations that are financed and operate in a manner similar to private business, where the intent is that the costs of providing goods or services are recovered through user charges. These funds are self supporting.
Funds included:
EN010 – Property Management
EN020 – Food Services
EN040 – Child Care

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