Jeffco Connect

Jeffco Connect is our online registration system and lets parents fill out their student's contact and demographic information from any computer with an internet connection. Parents can also access Campus Parent Portal, Jeffco student fee payment, and the meal payment system. Use the link to the right to log on to Jeffco Connect.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get access to Jeffco Connect?
If you already have a Campus Parent Portal user ID and password you should be able to access Jeffco Connect using this information. Go to the log on link in the box above and try it. If you are unable to access Jeffco Connect, contact your child's school for new access instructions.

I have children in different schools. Will their information be in one Jeffco Connect account?
Yes. When you log into your parent account, you should see all of your students listed. If you do not, contact your school's enrollment secretary. Do not make a second or third account for additional children.

How can I get my student's ID number?
Student ID numbers are listed on report cards.

Can I access the Jeffco Student Fee Payment through Jeffco Connect?
Yes, after logging into Jeffco Connect you will see a link to Jeffco Student Fee Payment on the left. Read the Jeffco Student Fee Payment FAQ's for additional information and help with the fee payment process.

I'm going out of town and my children are staying with a friend. Can I change my account and add my friend's contact information? How will the school get this information?
Yes, you can go into Jeffco Connect at any time and change your contact information. The school will have your changes within seconds of your update. School staff are required to check IDs of anyone picking up a student. They will compare that ID to the contact information you have listed in Jeffco Connect. Be sure to check the "allowed to pick up" box for anyone with permission to pick up your child.

I don't have a computer. How can I change or see my information in Jeffco Connect?
Go to your child's school and the staff will help you access Jeffco Connect.

How does Jeffco Connect work with SchoolMessenger, the emergency calling system?
The information you enter in Jeffco Connect will be automatically transferred to SchoolMessenger for general and emergency messages. It might take up to 24 hours before the information is fully implemented in SchoolMessenger and you start receiving messages. To help protect your child, you will automatically receive messages about attendance; we want you to know when your child is not in school.