Diversity & Inclusion

The Diversity and Inclusion office, now under the the Student Engagement Office, was created in 2009 by the district to ensure that our graduates know and understand more about themselves, others and the world. Jeffco is committed to supporting a diverse student body and staff. The district welcomes culture and diversity that embraces race, ethnicity, gender, transgender, religion, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation and disability. It also includes life experiences and personal attributes that can enhance the scholarly and learning environment, openness and awareness of the spectrum of values and backgrounds that enrich our environment.

Community Diversity Advisory Council

The Community Diversity Advisory Council includes parents, staff and community members who offer advice and support to the district in creating an inclusive environment and improving educational outcomes for diverse learners.

Cultural Proficiency Team

The Cultural Proficiency Team is comprised of a variety of district leaders. Its charge is to promote, support and implement innovative, inclusive systems and practices to ensure the success of all students.

Diversity Response Team

The Diversity Response Team is composed of a core group of staff from the Student Engagement Office. In collaboration with experts from diverse backgrounds they work to mediate issues that arise in the district and school communities.

Jeffco Student Voice

Jeffco Student Voice is a district-wide initiative involving high school students. It provides opportunities for students to dialogue with the superintendent and opportunities for students to develop leadership, advocacy and teamwork skills.

Minority Educators Advisory Committee

The Minority Educators Advisory Committee provides support and guidance to the district in the areas of inclusion and cultural proficiency as well as offering networking and professional development for minority staff.

Professional Learning

Jeffco Public Schools Diversity Specialists offer a variety of professional learning opportunities to teachers, classified staff and school leaders focused on cultural proficiency, diversity and student engagement.

Wayne Carle Awards

In 1940 a group of grubby 10 year old campers, on their way back from a week in the mountains, could hardly wait for their promised swim at the local country club. They lined up eagerly at the entrance to the fenced club and began to enter.  One of the campers Mary Ota, an Asian American, was stopped and told she could not enter.  Without saying a word, her fellow campers all turned around and got back on the bus, their eyes filled with tears at the affront to their friend. One of those campers was ten year old Wayne Carle. Since that incident so many years ago, Dr. Wayne Carle, former Superintendent of Jeffco Schools, has remained devoted to promoting cultural understanding and respect. His impetus for this work generated the Wayne Carle Awards for Outstanding Contributions to Diversity and Equity in Jefferson County Public Schools.

Contact Information

Dave Kollar, Director - Student Engagement Office

Jason Firestone, Manager - Student Engagement Office

Hilario Benzon, Diversity Specialist - Student Engagement Office

Arianne Rivera, Diversity Specialist - Student Engagement Office