Online Professional Development - District Licensing

A lifetime license is available for select Jeffco courses. Licensee will receive the course file as a Blackboard 9.1 file. The course files will be downloaded as a .zip file. Licensee will be responsible for importing the course into their own course delivery platform. The course can be modified at-will.

In addition to course content (includes video segments, activities, readings, journal reflections and discussion questions), purchased courses include a course syllabus that can be submitted to colleges/universities or other credit-granting agencies.

System Requirements

Your district's Learning Management System (LMS) must support the importing of Blackboard 9.1 formatted files.

Districts that do not have the infrastructure to host their own courses may run a private course – hosted on Jeffco Blackboard and facilitated By Jeffco instructors for $1,800 per course (up to 25 people).

Course Catalog

Teachers can browse and register for any of the available courses through our online course catalog.


Lifetime license, pricing based on district size as follows:

Large Districts: 20,000 or more students
Medium Districts: 5,000 – 19,999 students
Small Districts: Less than 5,000 students

Facilitated, 3 Credit, (45 hour) Course

  • Large District: $3,000
  • Medium District: $2,000
  • Small District: $1,000

Facilitated, 1 or 2 credit, (15 or 30 hour) Course

  • Large District: $2,000
  • Medium District: $1,350
  • Small District: $650

Self-Paced (8 hours or less) Course

  • Large District: $750
  • Medium District: $500
  • Small District: $350

Contact Us

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