Online Professional Development - FAQs

How does a facilitated, fully-online course work?
These courses are facilitated by a trained Jeffco instructor and follow a weekly schedule. Participants must keep up with the weekly readings, assignments, journals and discussion boards. The format is structured to meet the rigor required of a graduate-level course. Teachers explore research-based concepts, engage in topic-based discourse and complete a final project that allows them to apply their learning to their individual teaching situation. All facilitated courses begin with a mandatory meeting, which may be either face-to-face or through a virtual Webinar. 

Facilitated courses follow this format:
3-4 weeks = 1 graduate or inservice credit, or 15 clock hours
6 weeks = 2 graduate or inservice credits, or 30 clock hours
8 weeks = 3 graduate or inservice credits, or 45 clock hours

What is the registration fee for Jeffco’s Online Professional Development courses?
The registration fee for individual teachers is based on the number of credits a course provides:
  • $100 for a 3 credit course
  • $60 for a 2 credit course
  • $40 for a 1 credit course
Registration fees are payable by check made out to Jefferson County Public Schools and mailed to the address on the registration form.

In addition to courses for individual teachers, Jeffco offers other districts the opportunity to license our courses for an unlimited number of teachers. Read more about district licensing.

Can my registration fee be refunded if I drop or cancel the course?
You will not be charged for the course if you drop the course before the start date of the course.  No refunds will be given for cancellations made after the third day of the course.

Do I have to attend the orientation meeting?
The initial orientation meetings are critical components to all of Jeffco’s online professional development courses.  All teachers outside the Denver metro area will have the opportunity to attend this meeting via Webinar.