Gifted and Talented Centers

What is a Gifted Center?
 The needs of advanced learners are mainly addressed at each neighborhood school. Jefferson County also offers an optional program, the Gifted Center, for highly academic students who are identified as Gifted.

In existence since 1984, Gifted Centers are housed in regular school settings and provide full-time educational experiences. Instruction involves acceleration, enrichment, and attention to affective needs. Instruction is based on various formal and informal data to assure that the needs of the students are met.

Program Goals

The development of a clear understanding of fundamental academic concepts and their applications.

  • The opportunity to interact on a regular basis with a peer group of able learners.
  • The development of self-efficacy and understanding. In support of this, students are expected to master the basic skills and factual information related to the core areas of study: mathematics, language arts, science, and social studies. This knowledge base underlies interdisciplinary units which the students explore.

Curriculum in the Gifted Center

Curriculum is individualized for students performing above grade level.  It includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Compacted and accelerated curriculum
  • Emphasis on higher level thinking skills
  • Multi-age learning teams
  • Emphasis on complex, advanced materials
  • Opportunity to work with academic peers
  • Fast pace as determined by the learner
  • Integrated approach to content areas
  • Attention to individual interests
  • Nurturing of social-emotional (affective) needs