Jeffco Public Schools
Report to the Community

Jeffco 2020 Vision

The Jeffco 2020 Vision pulls together a clear picture about the outcomes Jeffco wants its students to have in the future – it's a vision statement that begins with the end in mind. The purpose of the Jeffco 2020 Vision is to enhance the educational experience for all students, as well as to provide them the skills they will need to successfully navigate both their personal and professional lives after graduation.

It is the work of a diverse group of people who care deeply about Jeffco Public Schools and what future Jeffco grads are going to need in an increasingly competitive and challenging world. Stakeholders from across the district were included in the conversation to define a successful graduate. Over the course of several months, Jeffco students teamed up with Jeffco teachers, administrators, parents, local businesspeople, and others to identify key competencies necessary for 2020 grads. The end result was a community vision for the Jeffco 2020 graduate and beyond.

Throughout this report, you will learn more about the great news and the outstanding work happening in Jeffco Public Schools through the lens of the 2020 Vision.

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