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Select a School or Program

First you will need to select a school or educational program. Most students attend their assigned neighborhood school, but the district also offers charter and option schools, as well as home school support, online education, and special programs. Jeffco Public Schools offers Choice Enrollment — any student in the county can apply to attend any Jeffco school that has space available.

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Enrollment and Registration Procedures

You can visit our Back to School and Registration pages any time of year for more district information. Be sure to also visit the school's website using the directory link above for start-of-school registration information/dates and such. For back-to-school, neighborhood schools typically hold online registration, rather than an in-person event, with a "due date" of early August. If you are new to a school, you will need to provide that school with required documents as described on the registration pages.

Age Requirements

Students must be five years old by October 1 to enter kindergarten and six by October 1 to enter first grade.

See the kindergarten information page for more details.

Many Jeffco schools also offer preschool as an option for 3 and 4 year-olds. See the preschool page for more details.

Homeless and Unaccompanied Youth

The McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act defines homeless youth as students whose living situation is not fixed, regular, and adequate. Unaccompanied youth are defined as students fitting the definition of homelessness and not in the physical custody of a parent or guardian.

The Act requires school staff to eliminate barriers to academic and extracurricular activities. This includes immediate enrollment without proof of residency, immunizations, school records, or other documents. Additional accommodations and support are also available. Please refer to our Community and Family Connections team.

Special Education and Special Needs Students

The district offers services for children who need special assistance to meet their full learning potential. Learn more about services provided for students with special needs.

Administrative Transfers

During the school year parents/guardians may initiate an administrative transfer request (Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese) after the last school day in August for the current school year. The administrative transfer option is only available for the purpose of moving a student from one Jeffco school to another Jeffco school in limited circumstances. Such circumstances must support the best interests of the student and the school, including returning to the student’s designated neighborhood school during the current academic school year, that may occur after the choice enrollment time period has ended.

Administrative transfers are not intended to accommodate students who fail to request a change in schools during the choice enrollment period, or whose choice enrollment request was not approved. The parent/guardian shall complete the appropriate form and submit it to the principal of the school the student is currently attending. The principal of the requesting school completes a principal form. If a parent requests the transfer with a parent transfer form, the school will complete a principal checklist.

Upon receipt of the completed form, the principal shall forward copies to the receiving school principal and to the appropriate Achievement Director of the receiving school. Such administrative transfer requests shall be accepted if approved by the principal of the school the student is currently attending and the principal of the receiving school, unless deemed inappropriate by the Achievement Director of the receiving school.

School Fees

The district supplies students with textbooks and instructional materials which are necessary for successful completion of approved courses of study. Students may be required to pay the cost of materials for items that will be consumed or retained by the student. Find out about fees and see a fee schedule example.

District Policies Relating to Enrollment

Contact Information

Specific questions about enrolling in a school can generally be answered by calling that school's administrative office. Visit the school's website using the directory above. We also invite you to visit a Jeffco school to get a personal look at our quality educational programs. Contact the school to arrange for a visit.

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