School Profiles

Jeffco Public Schools offers many educational options to meet the needs of our students. Use the links below to access profiles of each Jeffco school, or get additional details about our special programs by using the dropdown box on the right.

Neighborhood Schools - Profiles

Each neighborhood in Jefferson County has an assigned elementary, middle and high school. While all neighborhood schools share the same commitment to providing a quality education for all students, each school is a unique reflection of the students, staff and parents. Use the drop down list below to view a profile on each Jeffco school, including test scores and enrollment numbers.

Option Schools - Profiles

Option schools, serving kindergarten through grade 12, draw students from all parts of the district who can choice enroll at the school. These schools offer a particular educational focus such as highly structured programs, experiential learning or technical training.

Charter Schools - Profiles

A charter school is a public school operated by a group of parents, teachers and/or community members. The district’s charter schools operate under a contract or “charter” between the school and the Jefferson County Board of Education. They offer a variety of focuses ranging from Montessori education to core knowledge curriculum.

Golden View Classical Academy, a new charter school, has been conditionally approved to open in August 2015.

Learn more about how charter schools are created and managed. See any pending charter school applications.

School Web Sites

Link to each school's website through the school profiles or access them here.

See an interactive map to locate schools and programs in your area, or use your home address in the School Locator, to determine your assigned school.

Special Schools and Programs

Your student may benefit from one of the district’s many special schools and programs. The district offers programs for advanced students, technical programs for students seeking a direct career path, alternative education for non-traditional learners, online courses, programs for special education students, night classes and much more.

Kindergartens and Preschools

We understand the concerns parents of young children have when sending them off to school for the first time. Our goal is to provide a great educational experience for both parents and children. Learn more about our preschool programs or kindergarten programs.

Before and After School Care

Quality before and after school programs are crucial to supporting our families. A number of our schools offer Enrichment Programs before and after school. Read more.

In addition, the district has contracted with private care providers to offer child care throughout the county. See a list of our care programs and contact information.


Jeffco Public Schools offers Choice Enrollment — any student in the county can attend any Jeffco School that has space available. Read more.