Deer Creek Middle Profile

School Address: 9201 W Columbine Dr, Littleton, CO
Phone Number: 303-982-3820
Fax Number: 303-982-3821
Email Address: smdeercreekmiddle@jeffco.k12.co.us
Principal: Rob Hoover
Articulation Area: Chatfield
Grades Served: 6th Grade - 8th Grade
School Mascot: Mountaineer
School Colors: Blue, Silver
Classroom Hours: 8:10 AM - 3:05 PM
Office Hours: 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM

School Performance

See School View the Colorado Department of Education's report on school and district performance.

Sources of School Pride

Additional Information

A John Irwin School of Excellence, Deer Creek is dedicated to providing a rigorous, stimulating academic environment which promotes student learning and achievement through our two academic programs: Core and STEM. The Core program focuses on meeting the needs of students of all academic abilities, including honors opportunities and academic support classes. The STEM program emphasizes the application of learning to real-world problems in an interdisciplinary environment. Students in both programs choose from a wide variety of electives to explore personal interests and build community through clubs, activities, student service projects, and leadership opportunities.