Jeffco Open School Profile
Address: 7655 West 10th Avenue
City: Lakewood
Zip Code: 80214
Phone Number: 303-982-7045
Fax Number: 303-982-7046
Email Address: jeffopen@jeffco.k12.co.us
Principal: Scott Bain
Articulation Area: Option School
Grades Served: PK-12
School Mascot: N/A
School Colors: N/A
Classes Begin: 8:30 AM
Classes End: 3:35 PM
Office Hours: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Preschool and Kindergarten

  • Preschool Program? Yes
  • Full-Day Kindergarten? Yes
  • Half-Day Kindergarten? Yes
Links and Documents School Performance

See School View the Colorado Department of Education's report on school and district performance.

Sources of School Pride Additional Information

The Open School provides a dynamic environment that fosters the development of the unique potential in each individual by nurturing and challenging the whole person. There is an emphasis on self-direction, learning through experience, shared responsibility, and the development of life long-skills.