Eiber Elementary Profile

School Address: 1385 Independence St, Lakewood, CO 80215
Phone Number: 303-982-6406
Fax Number: 303-982-6407
Email Address: sbedell@jeffco.k12.co.us
Principal: Stacy Bedell
Articulation Area: Lakewood
Grades Served: Kindergarten - 6th Grade
School Mascot: Eagles
School Colors: Navy Blue, Silver
Classroom Hours: 8:50 AM - 3:45 PM
Office Hours: 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Preschool and Kindergarten
  • Preschool Program? no
  • Full Day Kindergarten? yes
  • Half Day Kindergarten? no
School Performance

See School View the Colorado Department of Education's report on school and district performance.

Sources of School Pride

Additional Information

Eiber Elementary is a K-6 elementary school in Lakewood, Colorado, serving a diverse community.  We have a high number of students and families who are in transition, and our free and reduced lunch rate is 91 percent. At the present time, approximately 37 percent of our students have a language background other than English, and 90 percent of those students speak Spanish as their first language.

As the community has evolved, so has the programming at Eiber. In the 2006-07 school year, Eiber established a One-Way Dual Language program, and we currently have students in grades K-6 who are receiving their primary instruction in Spanish. These students also receive English instruction beginning in kindergarten. The primary outcome is for these students to achieve bi-literacy proficiency in both Spanish and English.

Every staff member at Eiber has met CDE's requirements for Highly Qualified, and the majority hold a Master's Degree or secondary endorsement in areas such as Literacy, Reading, ESL, or special education. Through Title I funding, Eiber has added additional support in the areas of reading and math. We currently have one full-time teacher who works in classrooms, with students and teachers, providing continuous support and professional development for math in grades 2-6. This interventionist also works with staff to plan curriculum, develop and administer appropriate assessments, analyze the results and guide their thinking and decision making through the data team meeting process. Two full-time teachers support students by providing reading intervention, which complements the instruction that is provided by the classroom teacher. These teachers provide targeted instruction, based upon the needs of each student as indicated by assessment data, and continuously progress monitor to ensure that the intervention is meeting the needs of each learner and can positively change the achievement trajectory. Eiber also employs two instructional coaches that work side by side with teachers to plan curriculum, analyze student assessments and progress monitoring data to plan next steps in the MTSS process, develop READ plans and literacy plans, while providing support through building infrastructures.