Based on our belief that all students can reach high levels of learning, we envision early childhood centers that honor and respect children and empower them to: develop their own unique personality and sense of self; learn at their own pace given instruction in their individual zone of proximal development; live in a place of intellectual challenge, to actively explore, investigate, make mistakes and gain understanding of their world; build strong, positive relationships with others; develop and demonstrate empathy and caring for others; learn to love to learn!

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Jeffco Public Schools offer half-day and full-day preschool programs for 3 and 4-year old children throughout the district. Children turning three on or before October 1st are eligible to begin preschool. Preschool sites offer two or four day a week sessions. Additionally, seven of our programs offer full-day or a modified full day (school hours) care.

All programs are licensed by the Colorado Department of Human Services and meet the Colorado Department of Education Quality Standards for Early Childhood Care and Education Services.

Financial assistance is available for qualifying families.

Download the preschool brochure for details of the program.


Our preschools utilize Tools of the Mind as a resource. The play-based resource is built on Lev Vygotsky's constructivist theory of learning and developed specifically for preschool students. Many other successful Jeffco programs are also based on this hands-on theory.

Tools of the Mind focuses on four elements that have been proven to increase the learning levels of young children: focused attention, self-regulation, deliberate memory, and strong oral language. The Jeffco curriculum along with Tools of the Mind provides several elements of a great preschool program including high quality instruction, in depth teacher training, and a district-wide, comprehensive, systemic preschool experience for all of our students who will enter Jeffco Public School kindergartens.


Go to the school where you want to enroll your your child to complete the registration process. Information required for registration:

Students are enrolled throughout the school year based on available classroom space. If you do not get your first choice school, keep checking with the school.

If you have just moved to the Jeffco school district, please contact the school regarding availability of preschool space and registration procedures.


Our preschool are conveniently located throughout the county. See the district map.

Read our preschool profiles, which give directions to the schools, phone numbers, program days and times, and other information.

View Preschool Profiles.

The Early Childhood Education Office is located at 10801 W. 44th Avenue, Wheatridge CO, 80033. See contact information below.


Our preschools charge tuition, but financial assistance maybe available for qualifying families. Check with the director of the individual preschool.

Preschool registration requires a $60 per student, or $85 per family fee, which is non-refundable. The fee is due on the date of enrollment, or paid in advance to hold space in the program for new and re-enrolling students. Monthly tuition is also required:

Teaching Strategies GOLD

As part of preschool learning, Jeffco Public Schools measures progress in multiple ways. One way is with an observational tool called Teaching Strategies GOLD. Read more about Teaching Strategies GOLD. (En Español)

Contact Information

Preschool Office
phone: 303-982-1737
fax: 303-982-1742

Dawn Odean
Director - Early Childhood Education

Sarah Weber
Assistant Director of Early Childhood Education

Virginia Lindemann
Assistant Director of Early Childhood Education

Julie Chavez
Lead Technician - Financials

Sherri Fast
EC Manager

Angella Schroller
EC Manager