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Supporting Our Community through the Marshall Fire Crisis

Supporting Our Community Through the Marshall Fire Crisis
Posted on 12/31/2021
Supporting Our Community through the Marshall Fire Crisis

Our thoughts are with those in our Jeffco Public Schools community and neighboring Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) community impacted by the devastating Marshall Fire. We stand with you during this incredibly difficult time and thank the emergency responders on the frontlines who worked tirelessly to protect our students, staff, family members, friends, and colleagues.

We are currently working to understand the scope of the impact to Jeffco staff and families and what we can do, in partnership with local community organizations, to meet their needs and support their recovery. We will certainly let you know what needs we identify and how you can help.

In the meantime, please consider supporting the many neighboring families in BSVD affected by this tragedy by making a donation to their foundation’s Impact on Education Critical Needs Fund.

Marshall Fire Disaster Gift Card Drive

through January 14

Join the Arvada Resiliency Taskforce to suppot the victims of the December 30th Marshall Fire. Drop off gift cards of any amount to help fire victims  fund replacement home costs and every day expenss. All gift cards will be given to the donation management team at the Boulder OEM.

Arvada drop off locations:

Arvada Chamber of Commerce / Arvada Visitors Center
7305 Grandview Ave | M-TH 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Arvada United Methodist Church
6750 Carr St | M-F 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Cards in need are those that help people replace items lost, such as cards to hardware stores, home goods stores, and clothing stores. Restaurants are also in need - as many people currently do not have places to cook.


YMCA of Northern Colorado

Accepting donations of blankets, pillows, dog and cat food.
2800 Dagny Way, Lafayette


Shelter To Offer

If you have shelter to offer displaced residents, sign up through Airbnb Open Homes Program.


Boulder County Wildfire Fund

The Boulder Community Foundation has also established the Boulder County Wildfire Fund, and is accepting donations.


Boulder Office of Emergency Management

Monetary donations can also be made to Boulder Office of Emergency Management or through a donation mailbox set up by JEWISHcolorado.

Victim Resources

Consider these resources from the National Associaton of School Psychologists for working with trauma, disasters, and families. 

Helping Children After a Wildfire: Tips for Parents and Teachers

Natural disasters can be traumatic for children and youth. Experiencing a dangerous wildfire can be frightening even for adults, and the devastation to the familiar environment (i.e., home and community) can be long-lasting and distressing. Often an entire community is impacted, further undermining a child’s sense of security and normalcy. Wildfires present a variety of unique issues and coping challenges, including the need to relocate when home and/or community have been destroyed, the role of the family in lessening or exacerbating the trauma, emotional reactions, and coping techniques.


Large-Scale Natural Disasters: Helping Children Cope

Large-scale disasters, such as major hurricanes or earthquakes, can have a strong emotional effect even for people not directly affected by the disasters. The scope of devastation and loss of life can be very disturbing and hard to comprehend. Common reactions include sadness, concern for loved ones in affected areas, anxiety over a large scale disaster occurring at home, and the strong desire to help. Adults can help children by supporting their emotional and psychological needs, helping them understand the events factually, and providing the opportunity to process their reactions, as needed.


Helping Children Cope with Unsettling Times

Acts of violence are frightening and upsetting. Children and youth will look to adults for informationand guidance on how to react. Families, caregivers, and school personnel can help children copefirst and foremost by establishing a sense of safety and security. Parents and teachers can helpchildren understand what is happening factually, how events do or do not impact their lives, andhow to cope with their reactions.


The Role for Caring Adults after a School or Community Tragedy

After a tragic incident in another community or around the country, adults often ask how best to be helpful to their children. These suggestions are offered to help children who may express fears or concerns after such an event.


Relocating to a New School: Tips for Families

Families can find themselves in new communities for many reasons. Most challenging is when the move is sudden, with little or no preparation, when the family relocates to an unfamiliar area, and particularly when the family has been uprooted without resources. Such circumstances are common among families who must evacuate for extended time period as the result of a natural disaster. Many face the dilemmas of school enrollment for their children, which for some include the additional challenges of meeting the needs of children with disabilities or special learning needs.

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