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West Jefferson MS Chef Competes on "Chopped Junior"

West Jefferson MS Chef Competes on "Chopped Junior"
Posted on 09/03/2019
West Jefferson MS Chef Adeline Pulioff competes on Chopped JuniorWest Jefferson Middle School student Adeline Pulioff has always wanted to be a chef. From a young age when she could barely see above the kitchen counters and helped with holiday meals to today when she creates gourmet meals, Adeline’s passion has always brought her to the kitchen. This past year, she had the opportunity to take those skills and put them to the test in a high pressure environment, Food Network’s Chopped Junior

Adeline used the skills she learned over the years to showcase her talents. While her cooking skills are innate and remarkable, the skills she has learned in school - communication, creativity, and adaptability - provided her the confidence to appear on the show with conviction and poise. The 21st century skills Jeffco prioritizes allowed her to glide through the pressure of interviews and filmed competition. 

Marshdale Elementary and West Jeff Middle School were instrumental in giving Adeline opportunities to express herself and grow in many ways. Her schools prioritized choice in projects. This allowed for authentic engagement throughout school. In third grade, working on a Native American region project, she brought in adobe bread and watermelon ice to showcase the food and treats of the region. In 4th grade while studying Africa, she treated her classmates to local cuisine options of spicy Bobotie, cinnamon honey oranges, and Moroccan dessert cigars. While studying Colorado history, she introduced the class to trappers fruit and steamed napoles. In 5th grade she created an authentic Revolutionary War feast. In 6th grade she made a layered cake to represent the tectonics of Earth. While always considering her classmates and allergies, she brought in nut free options, gluten free options, and vegetarian options. To her, cooking wasn’t just for her enjoyment, but a way for all students to connect to the curriculum. 

See how Adeline puts these amazing skills to the test and how she fares on Chopped Junior, when her episode airs Sept. 10 , 2019 at 4pm mountain time (Season 8 episode 6: Duck, Duck, Chopped!). No matter if she takes home the title of Chopped Junior Champion, she took home something important: a life experience that can never be forgotten.

Watch this video story about Adeline...but SPOILER ALERT: it does mention the outcome of her appearance on Chopped Junior, so wait until after the 10th if you don't want to know!

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