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Jeffco Generations

Jeffco Generations document

To profoundly change education for the better, we must have the courage to re-examine teaching, our existing notions of schooling, and the learning process itself. This may be a challenging concept for some, but it is also the right work for our schools, our communities, and, most importantly, our children.

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Jeffco Generations - A Learning-Centered Vision for our Community's Schools

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Strategic Plan and District Overview

Strategic Plan Overview 2019Our vision for Jeffco Public Schools is to celebrate the deep and meaningful generational ties that crisscross our community and continue our tradition of quality education.

As a district, we value an entrepreneurial spirit. Our vision calls for us to innovate in the classroom and embrace new and changing modes of delivering engaging learning experiences for students. Our vision guides our focus toward strategies that have a direct impact on transforming the student learning experience.

Review our Strategic Plan and District Overview

Transforming the Task

Jeffco Generations is a manifestation of transforming the student "task"  - what we ask the student to do, practice, and experience in the process of learning. Generations is an effort to change the student learning experience in ways that make the teaching and learning experience more hands-on and skills-focused. 

Generations aims to give students the opportunity to apply learned and skills to real-world situations, problems, and scenarios – where they get the chance to practice skills such as communication, self-direction, civic engagement, problem-solving, and creativity.

Jeffco Deeper Learning Model

The Jeffco Deeper Learning Model is a balanced approach to deeper learning: a strengthening of the focus on transforming the student learning experience in the presence of Jeffco Generations Skills.

The teaching and learning process must also ensure each student reaches outcomes aligned with Colorado Academic Standards. These standards are expectations defined by the state of what students need to know and be able to do at the end of each grade.

Jeffco Learning Model graphic

In Jeffco, we believe students need it all - both an experience-based education where they learn and practice important skills for their future AND a strong base of factual content knowledge. 

Toward that end, we are introducing an expanded level of instructional supports and resources for our schools that we call the Jeffco Deeper Learning Model.

The model includes four parts:

 - the design of authentic tasks and experiences and the alignment of those with state content standards.

Teach  - the delivery of those tasks as learning experiences for students.

Assess - formative measures of how students are doing toward mastering both skills and content.

Reflect - intentional time and space for teachers and students to consider their strength and growth areas.


Content Mastery

Students understand academic concepts and are able to apply and transfer that knowledge into multiple settings. Students must also understand how to access and absorb changing information, updating their own thinking and processes.

Civic & Global Engagement

Students take active roles in their communities, are prepared to be participatory citizens in our constitutional republic, and are engaged with issues of local, national, and global concern.

Self-Direction & Personal Responsibility

Students take initiative, are inquisitive, entrepreneurial, and curious. They persevere through challenging situations, take calculated risks, and stand accountable for their actions. They continually advocate for their own needs as well as the needs of others.


Students learn to effectively communicate in written, digital, artistic, and oral forms. Students learn to explore and articulate their own points of view, while respectfully understanding the perspectives of others.

Critical & Creative Thinking

Students learn to evaluate, weigh evidence, and apply reasoned decision-making to problems. Students learn to solve problems using imagination, innovation, and ingenuity.

Collaboration & Leading by Influence

Students learn to work together, harnessing the power of teamwork, and learn the importance of influence to motivate others to get things accomplished.

Agility & Adaptability

Students learn to adapt in response to dynamic situations, environments, and complex problems. Students adjust to disruptions, ambiguity, and uncertainty in themselves, their organizations, and their communities – and thrive in spite of the obstacles.

These skills were developed through a synthesis of the work previously done with the Jeffco 2020 Vision and Tony Wagner’s “Survival Skills for the 21st Century.”

Jeffco Generations 2017

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