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Jeffco Thrives 2025

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Jeffco Thrives 2025 is the Strategic Plan for Jeffco Public Schools. Built on an opportunity to move our district from good to great to extraordinary, Jeffco Thrives is focused on four priorities:


Our vision is for Jeffco Public Schools to be a thriving district where all students achieve their biggest dreams.



Our mission is to provide a world-class education that prepares all Jeffco students for bright and successful futures as local and global citizens.



Focus on Students: In Jeffco, we make decisions and measure outcomes based on how well we serve our students. We exist to help students succeed and act with intensity to give our students the education they need and deserve, today.

Excellence: In Jeffco, we aspire to be a world-class school district which requires us to inspire one another to make an impact, focus on solutions, maximize our partnerships, and hold ourselves accountable for successful outcomes for all students.

Equity: In Jeffco, not all students, staff, and families are starting from the same place nor do they need the same things to reach their fullest potential. We view individual differences as assets to be leveraged as we help all students thrive.

Integrity: In Jeffco, acting with integrity creates honesty, trust, responsibility, and a spirit of transparency. It is a constant commitment to do the right thing for our students, staff, families, and community.

Belonging: In Jeffco, we cultivate environments where all students, staff, families, and members of our community are safe, accepted, respected, included, encouraged by others, and feel that their voices and perspectives are valued.

The Jeffco Thrives 2025 framework currently under review by our community has four priority areas and six guiding focuses. The Framework should be viewed through the lens of alignment to the District vision, mission, and values statements, which have been revised by our Board of Education.



Major Initiative 1: Implement Healthy & Equitable Start & End Time

  • Implementation of new start and end times for the 2023-24 school year


Major Initiative 2: Regional Opportunities for Thriving Schools

  • Regional Opportunities for Thriving Schools is Jeffco Public Schools’ response to the Board of Education’s (Board) request for a comprehensive plan to ensure thriving schools and extraordinary student experiences across our district.


Major Initiative 3: Develop a thriving and inclusive culture aligned with the District's values

  • Over the next three years, this initiative will result in the creation of a Thriving Culture Playbook, which provides clarity on expectations for all team members and tools to help make our culture come to life. 
  • This initiative also includes values-based leadership development, which will train leaders to nurture positive culture on teams that reflect the District’s values, and recognizing culture champions– employees who live the Jeffco values and model the culture we hope to create.


Major Initiative 4: Implement a data dashboard

  • Dashboard is launched during the 2022-23 school year


Goal 1: All Jeffco students experience a culture of instructional excellence.

Measures of Success

  • All students reading on grade level by 3rd grade.
  • Every 5th and 8th grade student will be proficient in mathematics. 
  • Ensure every 9th grade student remains on track to graduate by the end of freshman year with a minimum of 6 credits.
  • All students will graduate from Jeffco with the knowledge and skills needed for post-secondary life.

Strategy: Consistent, rigorous academic expectations for all students

INITIATIVE 1: Ensure use of high-quality instructional materials and practices align to research and data.

Action Steps

  • Develop sustainable system to purchase and replace high-quality instructional materials with an emphasis on the four core academic areas     
  • Deploy a curriculum asset management system
  • Identify high quality instructional materials for literacy and math that will ensure every student has access to enrichment, intervention and acceleration opportunities matched to student needs.
    •  Gifted and talented center schools and programming, appropriate programs and instruction for emerging bilingual students,, after school programming, advanced coursework, AP, IB, CTE, Dual-Language, Students with Disabilities, Concurrent enrollment, etc.

INITIATIVE 2: Ensure all students are reading on grade level by the beginning of 3rd grade.

Action Steps

  • Implement high-quality instructional materials for literacy with aligned professional learning around evidence-based practices
  • Establish a common culture of instructional excellence through effective monitoring & feedback of the instructional core
  • Effectively use a multi-tiered system of support to ensure mastery of foundational reading skills by the end of second grade
  • Expand access to universal preK- and ensure curricular & instructional alignment to K-⅚
  • Strategic use of high dosage tutoring

INITIATIVE 3: Ensure every student is proficient in mathematics at 5th and 8th grades.

Action Steps

  • Implement high-quality instructional materials for mathematics with professional learning aligned to NCTM, Colorado Academic Standards and mathematical practices
  • Establish a common culture of instructional excellence through effective monitoring & feedback of the instructional core
  • Effectively use a multi-tiered system of support to ensure mastery of grade level standards for math
  • Expand access to universal preK- and ensure curricular & instructional alignment to K-⅚
  • Strategic use of high dosage tutoring at middle and high school level

INITIATIVE 4: Ensure every 9th grade student remains on track to graduate by the end of freshman year with a minimum of 6 credits.

Action Steps

  • Define, vet and implement a process for high school staff to monitor key indicators (potentially including attendance, behavior, credit attainment, discipline and transitions), and implement appropriate interventions in response
  • Create a professional development plan aligned to evidence-based 9th grade success strategies
  • Strategic use of high dosage tutoring and credit recovery at high school

INITIATIVE 5: Ensure all students graduate from Jeffco with the knowledge and skills needed for post-secondary life.

Action Steps

  • Improve current ICAP process with appropriate tools
  • All students on track to demonstrate Postsecondary Workforce Readiness for at least one measure in Reading, Writing & Communicating and one measure in Mathematics by middle of 11th grade
    • Monitor and communicate student progress toward PWR demonstration attainment
    • Individualized graduation plan for all students not on track
    • Utilize PSAT and SAT data for both individual students and overall school and district data analysis to ensure courses within the student experience are preparing students for post-secondary life.
  • Develop Community, Business and Education task force to address High School 2.0 - preparing our students for their future, not our past
  • Provide district-wide tools for credit recovery
  • Define and implement a Jeffco data culture, including use of a dashboard system that monitors attendance, behavior, credit attainment and discipline to ensure all students are progressing and on-track to graduate on time
  • Develop flexible credit course opportunities by partnering core content teachers with elective and CTE teachers
  • Expand CTE opportunities to align with local workforce demands
  • Expand alternative pathway options for middle and high school students to ensure all students graduate.
  • Ensure appropriate career and vocational instruction is provided as part of Transition programming for eligible students with disabilities, including community-based work experiences, to prepare each student for community employment and meaningful daily experiences.
  • Ensure appropriate instruction and opportunities in independent living are provided as part of Transition programming for eligible students with disabilities to prepare students for living in their adult community.

Goal 2: All Jeffco students have extraordinary student experiences that recognize their strengths, challenge them to improve, and support them to succeed.

Measures of Success

Develop Monitoring Reports, aligned to policy and goals around

  • Staffing, 
  • Enrollment in electives and AMP 
  • Involvement in extracurricular athletics and activities
  • Enrollment in GT center programs  
  • Annual matriculation data - college, CTE, military service and workforce
  • CTE course completion and certifications accomplished data
  • Attendance, discipline, credits, drop-out and withdrawal data
  • Provide the Board of Education with annual reports around climate and culture utilizing stakeholder survey data.

Strategy: Positive and inclusive school cultures


INITIATIVE 1: Ensure access to opportunities that enrich the student experience and strengthen school culture.


Action Steps

  • Provide Jeffco students with opportunities in every school that include:
    • AMP Experiences
    • CTE Experiences 
    • STEM Experiences
    • Learning that prepares students for the future - the VUCA world: 
    • Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity
    • SEL Programming and Support
    • Mental Health and Wellness Support
    • Extracurricular, acceleration, and enrichment experiences
  • Provide secondary Jeffco students with opportunities in each of the above and include, but are not limited to:
    • Extra-curricular athletics 
    • Extra-curricular activities
    • Career and Technical Education 
    • Student clubs and interest groups 
    • School to career experiences
    • Internships/Work experiences
  • Utilize frequent stakeholder pulsing and annual survey feedback for on-going check-in metrics on school culture and student experiences
  • Develop an exit survey system for students and families who leave our district and/or complete education within our system.
INITIATIVE 2: Ensure all students have access to effective intervention supports and systems.

Action Steps

  • Audit and ensure effective Tier 2 and Tier 3 supports and materials are available to address the diverse range of student needs.


Goal 1: A collaborative, inclusive team culture with high expectations for staff and student performance contributes to instructional excellence and extraordinary student experiences.

Measures of Success

  • Team members align on common goals and on interpersonal norms that ensure success for both individuals and the group as a whole as measured by employee engagement survey with ability to compare to similar organizations 
  • Monitoring reports:  annual staffing data - hiring, recruit/retain, quality of staff etc.; Professional development report

Strategy: Attract and retain top talent

INITIATIVE 1: Strategically recruit high performing employees and offer competitive compensation

Action Steps

  • Develop a strategic recruitment and retention plan, with consideration of differentiated pay for hard to fill positions
  • Develop a cyclical process to work annually with JCEA and JESPA to examine cost of living (COLA), budget parameters,  as well as market competitiveness, negotiate and bargain within master agreements and/or agreed upon processes
  • Develop a cyclical market analysis on select job codes that addresses market competitiveness and supports equity in pay across all administrative positions
INITIATIVE 2: Providing impactful professional development and growth-related activities

Action Steps

  • Develop a multi-year, cyclical professional development plan that addresses the needs of all employee groups within the realm of professional practices, compliance and legal requirements
  • Revise the current performance management process used for central office employees to include a focus on continuous feedback and coaching
INITIATIVE 3: Building a community of diverse professionals who cultivate a sense of belonging for all

Action Steps

  • Develop training structures and cadence to build the capacity of leaders/managers to follow Master Agreements with associations to ensure we are showing that we value the rights of our employees
INITIATIVE 4: Reinforcing the district values and rewarding and recognizing staff who embody these values

Action Steps

  • Build capacity in the organization for collective efficacy through targeted organizational culture work focused on a values-based culture.
  • Develop and implement ongoing employee engagement and recognition efforts


Goal 1: Physical environments and operational services in Jeffco contribute to instructional excellence and extraordinary student experiences.

Measures of Success

  • Facility Conditions Index (FCI) measures facility quality 
  • Through annual perception survey data, staff indicate that operational services are effective and adequate
  • All schools are provided with internet bandwidth equity and are part of the district 1:1 device program

Strategy: Excellent operational services

INITIATIVE 1: Improve facility quality and adequacy for students and community

Action Steps

  • Complete the 2018 - 2024 Capital Improvement Plan
  • Improve management of the CIP including updates to procurement practices, accounting approaches, reporting and management

INITIATIVE 2: Improve overall operational service to schools and departments

Action Steps

  • Evaluate approaches to efficient food preparation and service that continue the distribution of healthy meals for students to include the viability of a district central kitchen
  • Review work order and service request systems across all services and operations and implement service-oriented architecture for all district services and operations (IT, HR, Facilities, etc.)
  • Scope, plan and transition to a modern enterprise resource planning (erp) system that effectively supports all operational and human resources functions
  • Implement a partner structure that effectively supports all school and district leaders in executing human resource functions

INITIATIVE 3: Provide equitable technology and technological services to students

Action Steps

  • Increase internet bandwidth and reliability by completing the JeffcoNet Fiber project
  • Provide 1:1 access for students to devices through the expansion of the Tech4Ed program
  • Build tools, processes and a data culture to support all stakeholders to better utilize data

Goal 2: Jeffco’s resources are deployed strategically to ensure long-term sustainability

Measures of Success

  • Percentage of district’s total spend that draws down GF balance reserves decreases as a result of increased financial sustainability measures

Strategy: Resource sustainability

INITIATIVE 1: Improve long-term financial sustainability

Action Steps

  • Deploy new software and processes to improve multi-year forecasting for operating and capital expenditures
  • Engage stakeholders in a process to right size programs and operations to bring expenditures in line with revenues

INITIATIVE 2: Increase transparency, engagement and understanding of core resource allocation processes

Action Steps

  • Redesign school-based budgeting process and model to improve equity and ensure financial sustainability, aligned to district strategic plan values and priorities.
  • As the capital improvement program winds down, develop a transparent process to identify CIP spending


Goal 1: Positive, mutually respectful and trusting connections with Jeffco families and our community partners to support student success.

Measures of Success

  • Panorama Family Survey
  • Panorama Student Survey
  • Data from family surveys indicate positive relationships with Jeffco families

Strategy: Student and Family Engagement and Community Partnership

INITIATIVE 1: Ensure all families have respectful, inclusive, and culturally responsive relationships with their schools

Action Steps

  • Provide varied, meaningful, and accessible ways for parents to engage with their children’s learning
  • Using the CDE self-assessment rubric for Family, School and Community Partnership (FSCP), schools and central offices will partner with families to audit current policies and practices to create action plans for improvement districtwide that include each of the following 4 Essential Elements:
    • Create an Inclusive Culture
    • Building Trusting Relationships 
    • Design Capacity Building
    • Opportunities 
    • Dedicate Necessary Resources
  • Provide training, tools, and ongoing support for principals and school leaders to create and implement an action plan with their communities for improving policies and practices related to the four essential elements and survey data
  • Increase two-way communication among families and schools and opportunities for shared decision making.
  • Promote use of and make accessible: interpreters, written translations, expanded use of OPI, simultaneous translation on Teams, and culturally relevant resources reflective of home language through translation and interpretation services.
  • Ensure there is inclusion of diverse families and perspectives in decisions made by committees, including but not limited to SAC/DAC. Incorporate a focus on home-school connections, accessible meeting times, and accessible meeting access (language, IT/devices) 

INITIATIVE 2: Contribute to the health and well-being of students and their families

Action Steps

  • Support all students by providing on-demand mental and physical health via telehealth services as appropriate.
  • Provide students and families have access to resources and community partners that support their health, safety, and stability
  • Ensure parent and student groups are accessible to increase belonging, inclusion and well-being. 

INITIATIVE 3: Actively collaborate with community partners to ensure mutually beneficial and respectful partnerships to serve student success.

Action Steps

  • Foster new and strengthen existing partnerships 
  • Assess our current network of community and partners and establish an accessible, centrally managed CRM system.
  • Establish and communicate the processes for partnering with schools and central offices. 
  • Actively pursue partnerships to assist the district in meeting the goals of Jeffco Thrives 2025.
  • Actively collaborate with partners to ensure the district is responsive to the perspectives, needs and strengths of underrepresented students, families, and communities.
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