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Device Care & Support Over the Summer

The district requires that students keep Jeffco owned (TechforEd, FCC, ESSER, not school owned) devices over the summer to ensure all have equitable access for continued summer learning. All students enrolled in summer programs must be supplied a learning device from their home school. View this document for more details, including communication to share with families and internal FAQs about the summer device plans.


Leaving devices with students provides them the ability to access online learning over the summer if desired, including Jeffco Summer of Early Learning, high school credit recovery programs, and available digital education tools

For graduating seniors and students moving out of Jeffco over the summer: Please look for forthcoming directions from your school. Schools are planning end of year pick-up/drop-off schedules and your devices will be collected then.

For more information about this decision and answers to common questions, view the FAQ below.



Big Picture Questions

Who made this decision?

This decision was made by Cabinet.

Why was this decision made?

Why was this recommendation made?
Equitable access for all for continued summer learning including e-books, digital tools, and online courses being offered. Examples include:

  • Credit recovery
  • Jump Start Programs
  • Transition Programs
  • Summer Reading Program
  • ESY (SPED Extended School Year)
  • SPARKS GT Enrichment Program


Why didn't my student bring their device home for summer?

While the district recommends that all students keep their devices over the summer, we understand that a few unique circumstances might need to be made at the school level. 


What do I do with my device if I am moving or leaving Jeffco?

Families moving outside of Jeffco or to a charter school need to return their devices to their school if it is still open, or 809 Quail (see map). Families moving within Jeffco can take their device with them to their new school.

809 Quail St, Building 1, Room 121, Lakewood, CO 80215

Monday - Friday 7:30am - 3:30pm


What should my senior do with their device?

Schools should communicate expectations and work with their seniors to coordinate the return of all school-owned devices. All of these efforts should follow the protocols outlined for high school end-of-year pick-up and drop-off of items. Seniors will have access to their accounts until August 1st.

Educational Support & Use

What educational/instructional supports will be available over the summer?

  • In addition to the resources provided through the programs listed above, students will have access to all e-books (through your school’s collection and JCPL).  They will also have access to all of our core digital tools.  Finally, they may have access to additional school purchased resources.
  •  Ed Tech Digital Tools
  •  Social Emotional Supports


Will video conferencing tools such at Google Meet and Chat be available over the summer for social connections?

Students enrolled in officially sponsored district programs, will have access to Google Meet for video conferencing to support learning, communication and collaboration.

Device Troubleshooting & Repair

What types of technical support will be available for families during the summer?

  • Students should utilize the public troubleshooting page to solve common problems.  
  • You can reduce the chance of damage to your device by following the Device Care recommendations.
  • For students not in summer school: Devices that are unable to be fixed through the troubleshooting steps should be taken to 809 Quail St, Building 1, Room 121, Lakewood, CO 80215 over the summer or turned into their school librarian at the beginning of August in order to exchange for a working device.


What troubleshooting is available for students enrolled in summer school programs?

  • Students enrolled in summer school should contact their teacher with issues they are unable to solve themselves utilizing the public troubleshooting page.
    • If the problem cannot be solved, the teacher will provide a loaner device for the student to use during summer school. 


Who will be responsible for the cost to repair devices over the summer?  

  • Non Accidental Damages: These are damages like malfunctioning motherboards or broken device fans. Families are not responsible for these costs.
  • Accidental Damages: Break a screen or keyboard key? Those are considered Accidental Damages. Families are responsible for accidental damages, as per the Jeffco Technology Usage Agreement.     


My student lost their AC adapter. How can they receive a new one?

Please do not purchase a charger off of Amazon or from another location, as they damage to the device, in excess of $100. Jeffco IT stocks AC adapters for common devices and can sell them to families (our current price is lower than Amazon’s). If you need a new adapter, please come to 809 Quail St, Building 1, Room 121, Lakewood, CO 80215. Your student's account will be billed. 


Options for Tracking/Viewing/Limiting Activity or Opting Out

Can I view my student’s activity on their Jeffco device?

Yes. The SecurlyHome App allows parents/guardians to track activity on their student’s device. More information is available here.

Can I limit my student’s activity on their Jeffco device?

Yes, parents/guardians have the right to completely take away the device over the summer if they choose to do so. You will also be able to limit activity on the device over the summer through the SecurlyHome App. This functionality will be activated and documentation will be available before the end of the school year.

What if I do not want my student(s) to have/use their device(s) over the summer?

To help us protect the health and safety of our staff and your family, please consider the following options:

  • Limiting your student’s device capabilities through the SecurlyHome App
  • Taking your student’s device away and storing it in a safe location at home
    • If possible, we’d ask that you power on the device once a month to install any updates and to help preserve the battery capacity.
    • Here are instructions for putting devices into long term storage:
  • If your family has an extenuating circumstance in which having the device at home over the summer poses a substantial threat or risk to your student, please reach out to your school’s principal to determine the best solution.

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