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Digital Wellness Support for Families

Jeffco Public Schools shares a common desire with families to help our students be healthy digital learners. When we explore the impacts that our digital lives have on our well-being, we are monitoring our digital wellness.

Monthly communication will be available to support students and families in discussions about topics such media balance (screen time), cyberbullying, media literacy, digital footprints, and more. As those are published, they will be posted below. You can also click on the icons for additional resources.



The digital age has made it easy for anyone to create content online.  However, it is not always obvious who created something, why they made it, and whether it's credible.  As our students increase use of their 1:1 TechForEd devices for research and exploration of topics, Media Literacy becomes a critical skill. 

During the month of November, many of our fifth and ninth grade classrooms will engage in digital citizenship learning related to Media Literacy.  Media Literacy addresses important concepts such as bias, opinion, author’s purpose, and critical thinking.  It also includes asking specific questions and backing up your opinions with facts.  

At home you can support your students in understanding Media Literacy in a variety of ways.  With young kids, you can discuss things they are familiar with such as commercials, food wrappers, and toy packages.  With older kids, you can talk about YouTube videos, ads, and news outlets. With each, ask questions like “who made this,” “what do they want you to believe or do,” and “why would they want that” to help them continue to process the concepts of bias, opinion, and author’s purpose.

Monthly Motto:

We are critical thinkers and creators.

Discussion Question:

How can I be a critical consumer and creator of news and media?

News & Media Literacy Family Activities:
Kindergarten  English  Grade 1  English Grade 2  English Grades 3-5  English Spanish Grades 6-8  English Spanish Grade 9-12  English 

Family Tip Sheets:
English  Spanish

Additional Family Engagement Resources:

Common Sense Media Resources

Jeffco’s Tech for Ed Website

Digital Citizenship Resources

September: Digital Footprint and Identity


As more students in Jeffco receive personalized learning devices through our TechforEd 1:1 device program, we want to ensure that all students and families receive information about digital citizenship and digital wellness.

During the month of  September, many of our fifth and ninth grade classrooms  engaged in digital citizenship learning related to creating and maintaining one’s Digital Footprint & Identity. Our digital footprint, or online presence, has long-lasting implications, and it is important for children and young adults to realize that digital footprints are often public and potentially accessible by anyone. This month, you can help your child(ren) learn how they can contribute to a positive digital reputation, both for themselves and for others, by using these resources:

Monthly Motto

We define who we are.


Discussion Question for School and Home

How can I cultivate my digital identity in ways that are responsible and empowering?


Digital Footprint & Identify Family Activities


Family Tips Sheet


Additional Family Engagement Resources

Common Sense Media Resources

Jeffco’s Tech for Ed Website

October: Cyberbullying


Did you know that October is National Bullying Prevention Month? Both the overall increased use of social media platforms in our culture and our students' use of the TechForEd 1:1 devices have given us a new perspective on this topic.

During the month of October, many of our fifth and ninth grade classrooms will engage in digital citizenship learning related to Cyberbullying, Digital Drama & Hate Speech.

Unfortunately, many students will encounter mean behavior at some point in their digital lives. Some of these experiences are easily forgotten, while others can have deep, long-lasting effects. For families, the key is staying involved in your children’s' lives – both in the physical and online worlds – so you can step in and offer help if necessary. This month, you can help your child(ren) learn how to avoid the drama and stand up for others by using these resources:

Monthly Motto:

We are kind & courageous.

Discussion Question for School and Home:

How can I connect positively, treat others respectfully, and create a culture of kindness?

Cyberbullying, Digital Drama & Hate Speech Family Activities: 

Grade 1
Grade 2 
Grades 3-5  (Spanish)
Grades 6-8  (Spanish)
Grade 9-12 

Family Tips Sheet

Grades K-12 (Spanish)

Additional Family Engagement Resources

Common Sense Media Resources


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