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What is the SecurlyHome App?

The TechForEd program provides families with the ability to monitor and control their student’s internet and app activity on district devices at home using the free SecurlyHome app. (Learn more about how to control behavior on your student's Jeffco device on the SecurlyHome App Custom Control page.)

While Jeffco Public Schools uses a Palo Alto firewall to monitor and filter activity and content for students when they are in school, Securly manages the filtering for school-issued devices when they are away from school.

The SecurlyHome app offers parents the ability to both monitor and control students’ internet activity outside of the Jeffco Public Schools network.

As a reminder, District Policy JS – Student Use of District Computing Resources and the Internet states that there should be no expectation of privacy when using district-issued devices. Families should remember that Securly is not only active when students are connected home networks, but also when connected to hotspots and public networks such as those offered at Starbucks, McDonalds, etc.


How do I use The SecurlyHome App?

Once you create a parent account, you will have a real-time view of your child's activity on their school device. You will also get a weekly email from Securly with a snapshot report of that activity and will be able to check your student’s internet activity anytime during the day.

Keep in mind that no web filter is perfect and there is the risk of inappropriate content making its way through the filter. Securly does catch and filter a majority of traffic categorized as pornography, drugs, and gambling. However, active monitoring while communicating your expectations and boundaries clearly with your children is the best way to keep them safe online. Our hope is that the SecurlyHome app will help you in this process.


SecurlyHome App FAQs

Setting up the SecurlyHome App

 How do I get the SecurlyHome app?

Download the app from your app store. Tap the Login button and choose the “Get instant access” option after entering the email registered with your school.

Check your email for an email titled “Your Securly login link”. Click on it to open the app.

You’re now logged in and ready to go!

Home App Walkthrough PDF - English

Home App Walkthrough PDF - Spanish

Why am I receiving an email from Securly?

Jeffco Public Schools uses Securly to provide the best online student safety solutions, and parents’ email addresses are registered by the schools. Once registered, you gain access to the SecurlyHome app and will begin receiving weekly email reports containing a snapshot of your child’s online activity.

The school registered my email address, but I still haven't received an email from Securly. What happened?

Don’t worry, it can take 24-48 hours for everything to load from a school district. Be sure to check your Spam/Junk folder for an email from Securly.

Can I add an email address to my child's account?

For security reasons, only your child’s school is authorized to register emails, so contact them to request any changes.

Using the SecurlyHome App

What’s the difference between the mobile app, weekly email report, and website?

The SecurlyHome mobile app offers parents the most comprehensive feature set.

  • View your child’s online activity feed in real time.
  • Tap the Pause button to turn on/off internet access to your child’s school device.
  • Receive push notifications for flagged activities.

The weekly email report gives a snapshot of your child’s activity for the previous week. The website provides basic features such as the Activity Feed.

I have multiple children. How do I know which item in the Activity Feed or Tab belongs to which child?

The child’s email address is listed beside each item in the Activity Feed and is in chronological order. To view each child’s activity, click on the drop-down menu that says, “All Activities” and select the child you want to view. Or, just type their email address in the search bar at the top and hit enter.

What content is found in the “Flagged Activities” section?

If your child’s school allows access to Facebook and Twitter on a school-issued device, Securly scans posts (not comments or images) for any indications of bullying or self- harm/suicide.

Flagged sites: If a student accesses a site related to self-harm, we flag it.

Flagged searches: If a student’s search terms on Google, Bing, Yahoo, or Wikipedia are indicative of self-harm/violence, we flag it.

Data Privacy & the SecurlyHome App

What data does Securly collect?

Securly monitors your child’s online activity while at school, and off-campus if they are using a school-issued device filtered by Securly.

Securly collects school-issued email addresses, public IP addresses (available to anyone online), visited websites, searched terms, YouTube videos, and social media posts (if social media is allowed by the school).

Who else can see my child’s online activity?

The school’s network administrator has access to all records.

School staff can be delegated account access to pull records, if necessary. Your school will provide you with a list of which parents/guardians have access.

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