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Jeffco AP Uses Generations Skills to…Get Married

A COVID-19 Story of Love and a Bank Drive-up Window
Posted on 04/16/2020
This is the image for the news article titled A COVID-19 Story of Love and a Bank Drive-up WindowIt happened! You're engaged! With a family heirloom on your finger, you begin to plan your summer wedding in Las Vegas where you will be married by Elvis then venture off on your honeymoon to begin your life together. All is right with the world.

Then a virus comes along and changes all your plans. With so many unknowns, what do you do? You could wait it out. You could plan for a date farther away. Or…you could just swing by the bank. Of course!

That's just what Sara Leonard, assistant principal at Warren Tech North and Jeff Kahn did. As a Jeffco school leader, Ms. Leonard (Kahn now!), knows all too well the Jeffco Generations Skills she references when working with students and staff. With one fell swoop, she herself embodied a couple of them - critical and creative thinking and agility and adaptability.

With a positive and innovative outlook, the details came together. Amazon sells rings, the grocery store sells prime rib and cake mix, other local shops sell champagne and roses, Elvis is in the den, and hey, the bank has a notary and a vacuum tube.

So goes the story of Sara and Jeff, who got married at the Great Western Bank in Longmont one fine sunny day. They came home, decorated their cake, enjoyed dinner, and shared the good news with their families via calls and messages. "It was a lot of fun…better than an actual wedding, and way cheaper!" Sara shared, adding "Pretty fabulous!! Life’s too short to not have some fun." I think we can all agree.

photo of hands with rings
photo of couple with elvis cutout  photo of cake 

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Kahn!
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