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Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) Growth

MAP Growth is an online assessment for students that measures academic progress in  first through 10th grade and provides valuable information related to student performance in English language arts and mathematics.. MAP Growth is administered in the fall, winter and spring. It provides real-time information throughout the school year about a student's achievement and growth.

For students in dual language programs, MAP Growth in Spanish helps teachers understand student reading development. Teachers can compare reading progress in both tested languages.

MAP Growth required testing grades:                                 

  • Reading: Grades 1-10                                                             
  • Math: Grades 3-8; High School by course enrollment of Algebra 1, Geometry or an equivalent course
  • Optional testing for non-required grades or contents may occur as a building based decision

Length of assessment: Untimed. The average time to complete a content-area test is between 45-60 minutes.

Required by: District

What Makes MAP Growth Unique

Tailored to individual students

MAP Growth is an adaptive assessment that provides information for all students regardless of if they are currently below, at, or above grade level. The difficulty of the questions adjusts depending on how each student answers prior questions, allowing the tests to be tailored to each student's level and helping to pinpoint individual student instructional needs.

Next day results

Teachers and students receive individual results immediately after the MAP Growth test is taken. The teacher can receive class results the next day. These real-time results can be put to use right away to enhance quality planning and instruction.

Time savings

MAP Growth tests typically take less than an hour – this is about half the time it took for the assessment used previously. It also saves teachers time because it is scored automatically.

MAP Assessment Resources

For additional information about MAP assessments from NWEA, please visit the MAP Growth website. You may also contact the Assessment Office using the contact information listed below.

MAP Frequently Asked Questions

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