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Postsecondary Opportunities

Postsecondary Options in Jeffco

Jeffco partners with postsecondary institutions to provide opportunities for education during high school. These postsecondary opportunity programs extend college credit opportunities to students so they can begin their college careers before setting foot on a college campus.

Explore Postsecondary Opportunity Courses

Why Postsecondary Opportunities?

Jeffco believes that every student should have access to the opportunity of experiencing college before they finish high school. Free or low-cost college credit can save a family thousands of dollars during a student's academic career.

Students can take challenging college courses in a familiar environment, reducing anxiety about the college experience.

Compare Jeffco Postsecondary Opportunities
Jeffco Options for College Coursework and College Credit (English)
Opciones de las Escuelas de Jeffco para cursos y crédito universitarios (Spanish)
Các lựa chọn của Jeffco cho các Môn học Đại học & Tín chỉ Đại học (Vietnamese)
Jeffco Postsecondary Opportunities Handbooks
Postsecondary Opportunities Handbook (English)
Oportunidades postsecundarias Manual para estudiantes, padres de familia y tutores legales (Spanish)
Cơ hội sau Trung học Sổ tay Học sinh-Phụ huynh/Người giám hộ (Vietnamese)
Considerations for Participation in Different Programs
Concurrent Enrollment vs. Dual Enrollment vs. AP and IB (English)
Matrícula simultánea vs. matrícula doble vs. AP y IB (Spanish)
Ghi danh Đồng thời với Ghi danh Kép so với AP/IB (Vietnamese)
Advanced Placement (AP)

Advanced Placement (AP) courses give Jeffco students a path to earn college credit. Qualifying grades on end-of-term AP exams may earn 3 to 6 credits for a single course, saving the student time and money in college. AP results are widely accepted for credit at most U.S. universities.

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ASCENT and TREP Scholarship Programs

ASCENT and TREP are state-funded programs that cover college tuition and fees while keeping students enrolled at their home high school.

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College 4 All

College 4 All, or “C4A”, is Jeffco’s live, online concurrent enrollment program that allows students to take tuition-free college courses while at their high school.

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Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent enrollment allows students to enroll and earn college credits while still in high school, lowering the cost of college, among other benefits.

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Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment allows students to enroll in and earn college credits while still in high school. Dual enrollment has a tuition cost, unlike concurrent enrollment.

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International Baccalaureate (IB)

International Baccalaureate’s rigorous courses promote creativity, critical thinking and international understanding. Students may earn college credit by scoring a 4 or higher on IB exams. Those who complete the IB Diploma Programme at a minimum receive 24 semester college credits.

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Resources for Families

  • College Opportunity Fund (COF) is a trust fund created by the Colorado Legislature that provides a tuition stipend to eligible undergraduate students. The stipend pays a portion of your total in-state tuition when you attend a participating college. Students participating in concurrent enrollment are required to apply.
  • Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) is a Department of Education form that assesses you and your family's financial situation to determine how much you can afford to pay for college.  The results are given to your college or university's financial aid office. The FAFSA application opens on October 1 of the year prior to the year the student intends to begin college.
  • Colorado Application for State Financial Aid (CASFA) helps students who do not have lawful immigration status to pay for college. To be eligible they must have: 
    • Lived in the state for at least three years before graduating. 
    • Graduated from a Colorado high school or passed a high school equivalency exam.
  • Colorado Department of Education (CDE) provides postsecondary and concurrent enrollment data, facts and information for families about all forms of postsecondary education opportunities.

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Postsecondary Opportunities

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