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Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment in Jeffco

Concurrent enrollment allows students to enroll and earn college credits while still in high school. Jeffco Public Schools students in grades 9-12 can enroll in their home high school and in a community college within the home school service area. Concurrent enrollment benefits students by:

  • Lowering the cost of college.
  • Increasing the flexibility of academic options.
  • Increasing access to college coursework.
  • Preparing students for college.

Jeffco offers three tuition-free programs:

High School Select

Students take college-level courses offered at their school, taught by Jeffco teachers, during the regular school day.

College 4 All

Students, while at their high school, take live, online college courses taught by college teachers.

Campus Select

Students enroll in classes at local college campuses.

High School Select

Students may enroll in college-level classes offered at Jeffco high school campuses during the regular school day. These courses are taught by Jeffco teachers and are tuition-free to students.

Concurrent enrollment courses at the high school may be canceled if there is low student enrollment.  This is determined by the community college. 

For more information on courses, talk to your high school counselor.

To participate in High School Select, students must:

  1. Complete the application for the community college your high school partners with
  2. Complete the electronic Concurrent Enrollment Agreement (CEA) provided to you by your teacher by the deadline.  
    • Late registration will not be accepted by our partner colleges.  
    • If you are taking more than one concurrent enrollment course at your high school, you will complete a separate CEA for each course, or for each program if you are a Warren Tech student.
    • You must meet any posted prerequisites the course may have.

College 4 All

College 4 All, or “C4A”, is Jeffco’s live, online concurrent enrollment program. This program allows for students, while at their high school, to take tuition-free college courses, taught by community college faculty.

  • College 4 All courses may be canceled if there is low student enrollment.

Note: College 4 All courses may be canceled if there is low student enrollment.

To participate in College 4 All, students must:

  • Meet the student requirements:
    • Counselor approval that the students’ daily schedule will accommodate participation in the selected course(s).
    • Have a working camera that is on during class.
    • Reliable computer and internet access.
    • A quiet space to participate in class. This can be at school or another counselor-approved location.
  • Complete the application for Red Rocks Community College
  • Complete the electronic CEA provided by your home high school counselor by the deadline. 
    • Late registration will not be accepted.  
    • If you are taking more than one C4A course, complete a separate CEA for each course.
    • You must meet prerequisites the course may have.
  • Once enrolled, participate in the required First Year Experience (FYE) orientation.
    • Course registration and FYE orientation information will be emailed to the student’s Jeffco email account by Red Rocks Community College approximately one week before class starts.

College 4 All courses are offered in the fall and spring semester, ranging from three to five course choices each semester. Course information and deadlines are available from the student’s home high school counselor and will also be sent through Peachjar.

Campus Select

Students who have exhausted graduation required coursework at their high school may enroll in college-level classes offered on a college campus . If the student meets the three conditions listed below, and completes the application process prior to stated deadlines, Jeffco will pay tuition for these courses, and the student is responsible for textbooks, materials and fees. The college can deny student enrollment based on space availability and college admission requirements.

Jeffco Board Policy IHCDA: Multiple credit pathways outlines the requirements for participation in Campus Select. 

 These three conditions must be met:

  1. The non-elective course exceeds what is offered on the high school campus. 
  2. The non-elective course is not offered through Jeffco Virtual Academy, Jeffco Remote Learning Program or College 4 All.
  3. The non-elective course is a graduation requirement on the student’s Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP).

To participate in Campus Select, students must:

*Additional requirements apply for students who request Colorado School of Mines (CSM). See your counselor for details.

  • Ensure that you authorize the use of your College Opportunity Fund (COF) stipend.
  • If the course request is approved, the student and family will receive and complete an electronic Concurrent Enrollment Agreement (CEA) Form and other college-required paperwork.
  • Complete any prerequisites required for the course.
  • All steps must be completed by the deadline prior to the semester in which the student wishes to enroll:
    • Fall semester: May 15  
    • Spring semester: November 15

Jeffco will pay tuition for concurrent enrollment courses if the qualified student meets all the requirements listed above.  Students and families are responsible for all campus fees, books, materials and transportation. 

Jeffco will not pay tuition for summer courses or online courses.

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