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Early Learning

Early Learning in Jeffco

Jeffco early learning programs provide a childhood experience filled with play, adventure, investigation, exploration and friendship. Each child is unique and all children can learn. Jeffco’s programs ensure families and children feel at home and part of a warm, supportive and inclusive community. 

Instructional Approach 

Jeffco believes in teaching the whole child, giving attention to all areas of development including social-emotional and content knowledge. Student interests and experiences guide decision making and curriculum. Teachers create a caring, equitable and inclusive community of learners where information is available through different materials and experiences. 

Children are naturally curious about their environment, and play is an essential component of programming. In an ever-evolving environment, children experience self-directed learning opportunities where they practice skills aligned with their needs and development. Play promotes a language-rich environment that fosters problem-solving skills, self-regulation, cognitive and social competencies and learning of content knowledge.

Preschool allows children to become critical thinkers, gain the skills to succeed academically and to continue their education with confidence and enthusiasm. Jeffco wants children to be successful in their future academic career and look back at their preschool experiences with a sense of belonging and enjoyment.

Students playing at preschool stations

Early Grades

Preschool through second grade are often called the early grades or the primary grades. The Early Learning team focuses on foundational, authentic learning opportunities for these ages. This includes developmental instruction and systemic instructional coherence. 

The Early Learning team works directly with school leaders, teachers and instructors to support strategies for in-person and remote environments. The team follows research and recommendations by the P3 National Center, a leader in policy and practices.

Bright Futures Roadmap and Launch Together

Jeffco Public Schools is a proud partner of the Jeffco Bright Futures Roadmap and Launch Together Jefferson County.

The Jeffco Bright Futures Roadmap was developed in 2019 by a diverse group of community stakeholders. The Roadmap ensures the healthy development of all Jeffco children. It builds on existing county assets and addresses needs across early learning, family support and education, health and well-being. 

Early Milestones Colorado facilitated a community engagement process, led a site visit to a national model community, conducted research on best practices and costs and authored the Roadmap and executive summary.

The Launch Together mission is to establish a community understanding of the benefits of early childhood social-emotional health and develop a collaborative infrastructure that creates a lasting positive impact on the health of young children, their families and the community.

Colorado READ Act

The READ Act helps identify kindergarten through third-grade students who need support to attain grade-level proficiency in literacy.

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Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY)

HIPPY is an evidence-based intervention program that helps parents prepare their two, three and four-year-old children for success in school and beyond.

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Preschool in Jeffco builds a foundation of academic, social-emotional and physical learning so children are ready for school and a thriving future in kindergarten and beyond.

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Early Learning Department

Phone: 303-982-1737