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GT Identification

GT Identification Practices

There are categories of giftedness for academics and talent that Jeffco identifies using separate processes.


These are strength areas where students may demonstrate exceptionality in certain fields. Your student may already have an Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) to add a Talent strength area. Each of these talent areas requires a unique application process.

The purpose for gifted and talented (GT) identification is to provide programming different from the standard curriculum to better meet the unique needs of gifted students. Students whose academic and affective needs are being met by the standard curriculum are not likely candidates for GT identification. 

  • Jeffco follows Colorado Department of Education (CDE) guidelines for identification practices.
  • Jeffco accepts and encourages referrals from all sources, including parents, educators and students for all grade levels of students. 
  • All schools have access to a GT Resource Teacher who can explain the identification process to interested families.
  • Jeffco screens all students in second grade using the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT). Students are not expected to do anything special to prepare for the test.
  • There are also other cognitive and achievement tests and scales that can be used as evidence to identify a student as GT.

Families who are interested in an Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) should complete the 2024-25 GT Identification (ID) Referral Form-English

2024-25  学年资优鉴定转介-Chinese

2024-25 GT ID Форма направления- Russian

Formulario de remisión para la identificación GT, 2024-25- Spanish

2024-25 GT ID Mẫu giấy Giới thiệu-Vietnamese

Creative-Productive Thinking Talent Area

Creative-productive thinking is exceptional capability or potential in mental processes, such as critical thinking, creative problem-solving, humor, independent or original thinking or products.

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Leadership Talent Area

Leadership is exceptional capability or potential to lead. Leadership can manifest in a variety of ways across differing experiences and activities.

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Music Talent Area

Advanced music aptitude is exceptional capability or potential in music, including but not limited to vocal, instrumental, composition, songwriting or musical expression.

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Psychomotor Talent Area

Psychomotor aptitude is the exceptional capability or potential in athletics at the state or national level.

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Visual Arts Talent Area

Advanced visual art aptitude is exceptional capability or potential in the visual arts, including but not limited to drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, jewelry and design.

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Performing Arts Talent Area

Advanced performing arts aptitude is exceptional capability or potential in the performing arts, including but not limited to acting, drama, speech or debate, scriptwriting and stage design.

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Dance Talent Area

Advanced dance aptitude is exceptional capability or potential in the area of dance. Identification of dance aptitude is assessed through a body of evidence.

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Apply to GT

Contact your school's GT Resource Teacher or for more information about GT Center availability for next year.

Gifted Center Process Flowchart

Family narrative

For all application processes, families also need to complete the GT Family Narrative.

Family narrative (English)

Narrativa familiar Español (Spanish)

Семейный рассказ Русский (Russian)

家庭叙事 中文 (Simplified Chinese)

Tường thuật gia đình Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese)

Jeffco GT provides free cognitive testing for all currently enrolled Jeffco students. There is a $25 fee for non-Jeffco students. Contact the GT office for payment.

External testing data

If you have additional testing data external to Jeffco such as WISC IV, DAS, Stanford-Binet or other cognitive testing you would like Jeffco to consider for the application, mail it to:

Jeffco Public Schools
Gifted & Talented
1829 Denver West Dr. #27
Golden, CO  80401

Body of Evidence

Jeffco GT reviews a full Body of Evidence for all identification decisions, using the 95th percentile for age or grade norms as criteria, or an exceptional/distinguished rating that determines exceptionality consistent with CDE guidelines. A single piece of evidence neither qualifies nor disqualifies a student for GT identification. The review of the Body of Evidence is done by a team of at least 2 qualified GT personnel who are trained in GT identification.

Jeffco’s Body of Evidence follows CDE guidelines, including qualitative and quantitative data.  Qualifying evidence comes from Cognitive Assessments, Achievement Assessments, Behavioral Observations and Performance Evaluations. Jeffco identifies GT students based on evidence from a variety of sources.

Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT)

CogAT screens all second-graders to identify exceptional potential and talent. This universal screener identifies all populations at a given grade level, including English language learners, students with special needs and those who may not be achieving on other traditional academic measures.

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Contact Us

Gifted and Talented

Phone: 303-982-6650

GT Resource Teachers

A GT Resource Teacher provides services to students, teachers, administrators and parents to meet individual students' needs. GT Resource Teachers serve many schools, and are not full-time at any school.

Find your GT Resource Teacher

SEL & GT Counselors

A GT Counselor, also known as a Social Emotional Learning counselor (SELC), provides social-emotional learning support for GT Center classes and listens to GT Center students' concerns about academic, emotional or social concerns.

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Building Leaders

Building Leaders are members of the school staff who share info from the GT Department with the individual school's community.

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