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Twice Exceptional Students

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The Colorado Department of Education defines twice-exceptional (2e) students as gifted students with disabilities.

It can be challenging to identify and support 2e students because they possess characteristics of gifted students and characteristics of students with disabilities. Gifted characteristics may mask disabilities, or disabilities may mask gifted potential. As a result, a student’s strengths or disabilities may not be identified, and their academic or social-emotional needs can be misunderstood or go unnoticed

Could My Student Be 2e?

Different Types Of Gifted Learners

How Can I Advocate For My 2e Student In Partnership With The School?

How Do I Support My 2e Student’s Social Emotional Needs?

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A GT Resource Teacher provides services to students, teachers, administrators and parents to meet individual students' needs. GT Resource Teachers serve many schools, and are not full-time at any school.

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SEL & GT Counselors

A GT Counselor, also known as a Social Emotional Learning counselor (SELC), provides social-emotional learning support for GT Center classes and listens to GT Center students' concerns about academic, emotional or social concerns.

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Building Leaders are members of the school staff who share info from the GT Department with the individual school's community.

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