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Concurrent Enrollment

Looking to see what Concurrent Enrollment opportunities are available at your student’s high school? Use our Postsecondary Opportunities searchable database to find what college credit opportunities are offered at each high school.


Jeffco students in grades 9-12 can enroll in their home high school, as well as a community college within the home school service area. Concurrent enrollment allows students to enroll and earn college credits while still in high school.  Concurrent enrollment benefits students by lowering the cost of college, increasing the flexibility of academic options, increasing the ease of access to college coursework, and preparing students for a seamless transfer into college.

Qualified students have two options to access concurrent enrollment classes:

  • "High School Select”: Students may enroll in college-level classes offered on our high school campuses, taught by Jeffco Schools teachers, during the regular school day.  These courses are tuition-free to students. Find classes offered at your school in the above link and talk to your high school counselor.

    • Note: Concurrent Enrollment courses at the high school may be cancelled if there is low student interest and enrollment.  The threshold to run a concurrent enrollment course is determined by the community college.  Colleges expect the majority of students to register for the college credit.

  • “Campus Select”: Students may enroll in college-level classes offered on an approved college campus with prior district approval. Jeffco will pay tuition for these courses, and the student is responsible for textbooks, materials, and fees. The college has the right to deny student enrollment based on space availability and college admission requirements.  
  • Students in grades 9-12, must meet the necessary course requirements and following three conditions must be met

1.  The course exceeds what is offered on the high school campus 


2.  The course is not offered through Jeffco Virtual Academy


3.  The course is a graduation requirement (non-elective) on the student’s graduation plan (ICAP)

To participate in Campus Select, students must complete the following:

  • Meet with their home high school counselor and complete the Campus Select Student Application. The student’s ICAP must be updated to include the Concurrent Enrollment coursework.

  • Complete an application for the community college within their home high school service area. 

Arapahoe Community College

Community College of Denver

Front Range Community College

Red Rocks Community College

Colorado School of Mines*

*Additional requirements apply for students who request CSM. See your counselor for details.

Ensure that you allow the college to apply for COF on your behalf and authorize the use of your COF stipend.

  • If the course request is approved, the student and parent/guardian will be sent an electronic Concurrent Enrollment Agreement (CEA) Form, as well as a Student Payment Agreement, to be completed by the student. 

  • Complete the NextGen ACCUPLACER test, or other method of meeting prerequisites,  if required for the course.

  • All steps must be completed by the deadline prior to the semester in which the student wishes to enroll:

    • Fall Semester: May 1st 

    • Spring Semester: November 15th

  • Jeffco Public Schools will pay tuition for concurrent enrollment courses if the qualified student meets and completes all requirements listed above.  Students and families are responsible for all campus fees and books. No transportation will be provided by the Jefferson County School District.  

  • The Jefferson County School District will not pay tuition for summer courses or online courses.

To participate in High School Select, students must complete the following:

  • Complete the application for the community college your high school partners with:

Arapahoe Community College

Red Rocks Community College

Ensure that you allow the college to apply for COF on your behalf and authorize the use of your COF stipend.

  • Complete the electronic Concurrent Enrollment Agreement (CEA) provided to you by your teacher by the advertised deadline. Late registration will not be accepted by our colleges.  If you are taking more than one Concurrent Enrollment course at your high school, you will complete a separate CEA for each course (or each program, if you are a Warren Tech student).

  • Meet any prerequisites the course may have. Check the Postsecondary Opportunities searchable database or ask your teacher for this information.

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