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Jeffco Public Schools offers half-day, full-day and extended-day preschool programs for three and four-year-old children throughout the district. Children turning three on or before October 1st are eligible to begin preschool. 

All programs are licensed by the Colorado Department of Human Services and meet the Colorado Department of Education Quality Standards for Early Childhood Care and Education Services.

Financial assistance is available for qualifying families.

For information regarding SPED preschool programming, please click this link.


If you are a current Jeffco resident or have recently relocated, contact your neighborhood school for enrollment. Visit our District School Map to help you select a local preschool.  Please bring the following in order to register your child.

1) New families - Create an account on Jeffco Connect
    Returning families - Update contact information on Jeffco Connect

2) Select which school or schools you may be interested in. View our Extended Day, Full Day and Half Day Programs below before moving to step 3. Visit our District School Map to help you select a local preschool. 

3)New and returning families - Go to the EnrollJeffco page begin enrolling. We are taking second round enrollment at this time. 

4)Accept Enrollment Offer -  To accept or decline offers sign into, using your Jeffco Connect log in. You have five days to accept an offer and only one offer may be accepted. Round 2 offers or wait list information will be communicated through email.

5)Colorado Preschool Program CPP (Discounted Tuition) - You will receive a link to apply for CPP, after you accept an offer at a school. 

Preschool Programs:  (Cell phone view of PK Programs)

Extended Day PK  Hours of Operation Tues-Fri Extended Day Mon-Fri Address
 Phone Number
Adams Preschool
8-11am,12-3pm   7am-5pm 6450 W. 95th Place, Arvada, CO  303-982-9780
Anderson Preschool 8:15-11:15, 12:15-3:15  7am-5pm 10801 W. 44th Ave, Wheat Ridge, CO  303-982-1740
Litz Preschool 8:15-11:15, 15:15-3:15  7am-5pm 13950 W. 20th Ave, Golden, CO  303-982-5928
Full Day PK No Half Day  M-F Full Day-
School hours
 Address  Phone Number
Kyffin Preschool
 8:15am-2:45pm  205 S. Flora Way, Golden, CO  303-982-5883
Wilmore-Davis PK
 8:45am-3:25pm   7975 W. 41st Avenue, Wheat Ridge, CO  303- 982-2874
 Colorow   8am-2:45pm 6317 S Estes St, Lakewood, CO 303-982-5480 
Half and Full Day PK Half Day AM/PM
M-F Full Day-
School hours 
 Address  Phone Number
Bergen Meadow 8:30-11:30a/12:15-3:15p  8:30am-3:15pm 1928 Hiwan Drive, Evergreen, CO  303-982-4917
Blue Heron 8:45-11:45a/12:45-3:45p  8:55am-3:30pm  5987 W. Dorado Dr, Littleton, CO  303-982-5619
Columbine 8-11am/12-3pm   8:00am-2:45pm   6005 W. Canyon Ave, Littleton, CO  303-982-5619
Dutch Creek 8:30-11:30/11:45-2:45  8:00am-2:45pm 7304 W Roxbury Pl, Littleton, CO 303-982-4565
Elk Creek 8:45-11:45a/12:45-3:45p   9:00am-3:45pm 13304 US Hwy 285, Pine, CO  303-982-2918
 Fitzmorris  7:45-10:45a/11:45-2:45p TBA 60250 Independence St Arvada, CO 303-982-1248 
Hutchinson 8:30-11:30/12:30-3:30 9:00am-3:35pm 12900 W Utah Ave, Lakewood, CO 303-982-9561
Leawood 8:45-11:45a/12:45-3:45p 9:00am-3:35pm 6155 W. Leawood Dr, Littleton, CO  303-982-7923
Peak 8-11am/12-3pm 7:50am-3:30pm 4617 Independence St, Wheat Ridge  303-982-2088
 Parr  8:30-11:30a/12:30-3:30p  TBA  5800 W. 84th Ave, Arvada, CO  303-982-9885
Stony Creek 8:30-11:30a/12-3p    9:00am-3:35pm  7203 S. Everett St, Littleton, CO  303-982-4103 
Vivian 8-11am/12-3pm 8:00am-3:00pm 10500 W. 25th Ave, Lakewood, CO  303-982-7668
Welchester 8-11am/12-3pm 7:50am-3:25pm 13000 W. 10th Ave, Golden, CO  303-982-7426
West Jeff 8:30-11:30a/12:30-3:30p 8:45am-3:30pm 26501 Barkley Rd, Conifer, CO  303-982-2951
Half Day PK Only Half Day AM/PM
Tues- Fri
No Full Day  Address Phone Number
Allendale 8:30-11:30a/12:30-3:30p   5900 Oak St, Arvada, CO  303-982-1114
Coronado 7:50-10:50a/12:05-3:05p   7922 S. Carr St, Littleton, CO  303-982-3723
Edgewater 8:15-11:15a/12:15-3:15p   5570 W. 24th Ave, Edgewater, CO  303-982-6038
Foothills 8:50-11:50a/12:45-3:45p   13165 W. Ohio Ave, Lakewood, CO 303-982-8580
Foster 8:30-11:30a/12:30-3:30p   5300 Saulsbury Court, Arvada, CO  303-982-1681
Irwin 8:00-11:00a/12:00-3:00p
  1505 S. Pierson St, Lakewood, CO 303-982-9550
Jeffco Open  8:30-11:30a/12:15-3:15p   7655 W. 10th Ave, Lakewood, CO  303-982-7052
Kendallvue 8:00-11:00a/12:00-3:00p   13658 W. Marlowe Ave. Morrison, CO 303-982-7948
Kendrick Lakes 8:00-11:00a/12:00-3:00p   1350 S. Hoyt St. Lakewood, CO  303-982-8348
Lawrence 7:45-10:45a/11:45-2:45p   5611 Zephyr St. Arvada, CO  303-982-1784
Lumberg 8:05-11:05a/12:05-3:05p   6705 W. 22nd Ave, Edgewater, CO  303-982-6203
Molholm 8:15-11:15a/12:15-3:15p   6000 W. 9th Ave, Lakewood, CO  303-982-6241
Mortensen 8:30-11:30a/12:15-3:15p   8006 S. Iris Way, Littleton, CO  303-982-0012
Mt. Carbon 8:00-11:00a/12:00-3:00p   12776 W. Cross Avenue, Littleton, CO  303-982-3970
Patterson 8:00-11:00a/12:00-3:00p
  8870 W. Florida St, Lakewood, CO   303-985-0205
Peiffer 8:30-11:30a/12:30-3:30p   4997 S. Miller Way, Littleton, CO   303-982-4786
Rose Stein 8:30-11:30a/12:30-3:30p   80 S. Teller St, Lakewood, CO  303-982-9132
Secrest 8:15-11:15a/12:15-3:15p   6875 W. 64th Avenue, Arvada, CO   303-982-0930
Semper 8:15-11:15a/12:15-3:15p   7575 W. 96th Avenue, Westminster, CO  303-982-6468
Shelton 8:30-11:30a/12:45-3:45p   420 Crawford St, Golden, CO  303-982-5673
Shaffer 8:45-11:45a/12:45-3:45p    7961 S. Sangre De Cristo Rd, Littleton, CO  303-982-3894
Sheridan Green 7:45-10:45a/11:45-2:45p   10951 Harlan St, Westminster, CO  303-982-3161
Slater 8:00-11:00a/12:00-3:00p   8605 W. 23rd Avenue, Lakewood, CO  303-982-7577
Stevens 8:00-11:00a/12:00-3:00p   7101 W. 38th Ave, Wheat Ridge, CO  303-982-1875
Stott 8:00-11:00a/12:15-3:15p   6600 Yank Way, Arvada, CO  303-982-2843
Van Arsdale 8:30-11:30a/12:30-3:30p   7535 Alkire Street, Arvada, CO  303-982-1075
Warder 8:00-11:00a/12:00-3:00p   7840 Carr Street, Arvada, CO  303-982-0965
Westgate 8:30-11:30a/12:30-3:30p   8550 W. Vassar Dr, Lakewood, CO  303-982-9155
Wilmot 8:45-11:45a/12:45-3:45p   5124 S. Hatch Dr, Evergreen, CO  303-982-5361
Witt 8:15-11:15a/12:15-3:15p   10255 W. 104th Ave, Westminster, CO  303-982-3379



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