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Transition to Remote Learning
November, 2020

On January 4, 2021, Jefferson County entered the CDPHE level ORANGE: HIGH RISK. This update provides additional information aligned with more detailed guidance from Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE).
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The family letter sent on November 12, 2020 is available as a downloadable PDF in the following languages:

Conditions for Transitioning to Remote Learning

The following information applies to Jeffco Public Schools. For information about charter schools, please contact the school directly.

When Jeffco’s Restart Plan was developed (July 23 update), guidance from Public Health identified three levels (Stay at Home, Safer at Home, Protecting our Neighbors). The educational models in our plan corresponded to these three levels.


Current Levels: Status dial

In late November, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) shared a revised Dial Framework with new color coding for each of its now six levels. The levels are displayed in the graphic below. Jeffco Public Schools will be using this revised framework moving forward.

CDPHE Dial Framework

Jeffco Public Schools has developed different learning models based on the levels identified by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). These models are designed to safely maximize in-person learning based on the state of the virus in the community. The learning models for each level on the dial are outlined below.

The learning models will be re-evaluated regularly using the Jeffco Public Schools COVID-19 Dashboard and in collaboration with Jefferson County Public Health and CDPHE. Any decision on learning models relates to Jeffco Public Schools.
Data on the Jeffco Public Schools COVID-19 Dashboard is reflective of self-reported information from students and staff. During full remote learning in December, we know that our numbers of cases are under-reported and the data shown on this dashboard is less than actually may exist in our community. We are encouraging student/family self-reporting using this form to enable the district to track COVID-19 outbreaks accurately.

student covid-19 positive self-report fORM
Informe de caso positivo por el propio estudiante


  • 100% in-person learning
  • Remote learning option for all students


  • 100% in-person learning
  • Remote learning option for all students


  • 100% in-person learning
  • Hybrid Model

  • Remote learning option for all students
  • 100% in-person learning grades 6-12 for students with significant disabilities who have demonstrated an inability to access remote instruction (4 days a week)



  • 100% Remote Learning
    • Grades 6-12 Remote Learning: Monday, Nov. 16 until winter break
    • Grades K-5 Remote Learning: Monday, Nov. 30 until winter break

  • In-person learning grades K-12 for students with significant disabilities who have demonstrated an inabilty to access remote instruction (transition to 4 days a week Monday - Thursday for elementary; continue 4 days a week for middle and high school)
  • In-person learning for students in some CTE programs
  • In-person and remote learning options for preschool
  • Remote learning option for all students
  • Childcare options will be available
  • Season A CHSAA sanctioned activities may continue through end of their season
  • No spectators allowed for athletics and activities as determined by public health order from JCPH October 30, 2020
  • Food distribution sites will continue for all students
  • Technical and internet support is available for all students and staff through our remote learning helpline 303-982-3438


  • 100% remote learning
  • In-person learning for students with significant disabilities who have demonstrated an inability to access remote instruction (half-days Monday - Thursday), some CTE programs, preschool, and childcare
  • All athletics and activities suspended
Why shift grades K-12 at Level Orange: High Risk and Level Red: Severe Risk?
  • In Levels Orange and Red, Jeffco Public Schools must use a more restrictive quarantining process. With this process, the likelihood of frequent transitions between remote and hybrid models due to quarantining is high.

  • Increased case numbers, outbreaks and quarantinings are significantly disruptive to the teaching and learning process.
*Internal data and collaboration with JCPH will inform the in-person learning opportunities available.

Jeffco Public Schools’ priority is our students. Regardless of the educational model, we will prioritize connection, relationships, and engagement with students to support their academic and social-emotional well-being.

Positive Case of COVID-19 & Next Steps

  • In the event of a positive case of COVID-19, Jeffco Public Schools will work in collaboration with JCPH and follow the collaboratively developed Quarantine Process. Our quarantine process is in alignment with CDPHE’s cases and outbreaks in child care and schools.

  • Symptomatic staff and students in the building will need to go to a designated Medical Safe Room (not the health room, as this must be kept available) until they can safely leave the building.

  • District RNs, Health Aides, and other designated staff have more detailed training for the Medical Safe Rooms and management of symptomatic students and staff. Follow-up from the District RNs will continue with all symptomatic staff and students that are sent home.

  • Coordination with JCPH regarding suspected and confirmed cases includes:
    • JCPH will assist the Jeffco Public Schools leadership team in determining a course of action for individual schools on a case-by-case basis.

    • Notification letters will be sent by Jeffco Public School’s Director of Health Services and the Communications Department collaboration with school administration.

Transition to Remote Learning

Day one after announcement to pivot to remote learning

Individual schools will determine how quickly they will adjust to remote learning (immediately or following a one-day closure if deemed necessary by School Leadership). They will decide when students will be expected to engage online. Time will be designated to helping teachers set up the online learning space for their class(es). Webinars and support will be made available through the Ed Tech team. Schools will be expected to message their families immediately and continue supporting the ongoing adjustment to remote learning.

School day structures

Individual schools will publish their own schedules aligned with District expectations. Schedules will be shared by schools when an individual school or the District transitions to remote learning during the school year.

Learning Protocols

Building on lessons learned from the spring, expectations are in place for schools across the District to provide a high-quality education whether serving students remotely or in-person.

Common Learning Management Systems (LMS) will be used across the District:

  • Seesaw (PK-3)
  • Google Classroom (3-12)
  • Schoology (6-12)

Each week, students will interact with their teachers in a face-to-face (Zoom or Google Meet) environment.

Students will experience a minimum of 3 hours of synchronous learning each day. Synchronous learning is an approach where teachers and students are online at the same time with a set schedule. The teacher provides learning resources and/or assignments during a set time.

Asynchronous learning is an approach where teachers and students are not online at the same time. The teacher might provide learning resources and/or assignments that students would do independently, at a time that works for them.

Grading and Assessment Policies
Due to state assessment cancellations during COVID-19, Jeffco will continue with guidelines for grading policies and an assessment plan to determine the needs of their students. The District will administer MAP, Acadience, and the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KEA) aligned to the student testing calendars. Family support will be provided for these tests, including the following:

Measure of Academic Progress (MAP for grades 3-10) Family Supports for MAP Remote Testing

The Acadience Assessment

The Kindergarten Early Assessment (KEA) Family Supports (Kindergarten)

Please contact your school for more information on specific grading policies.


Attendance is key to a student’s success. Contact your school directly to learn more about expectations for remote attendance. Remote attendance for a school may be counted in the following ways:

  • Presence during in-person instruction
  • Assignments completed at home
  • Logging into the online learning platform
  • Signing an online form agreeing to work completed at home
  • Student demonstration of learning
  • Responding to teacher emails or communication
  • Viewing pre-recorded instructional videos
  • Participating in online discussions or forums through video conferencing platforms such as Zoom or Google Meet

Student Supports

Student supports such as delivery of special education and related services, equity, diversity and inclusion, social-emotional learning, counseling services, english as a second language and much more will continue being offered in a remote learning environment.


Families can help students prepare for remote learning by doing the following:
  • While students are in-person learning, they will need to get in the habit of bringing their Chromebook, iPad, laptop, charger, and headphones home each night.
    • If a student needs to borrow a device, they should work with their school to determine if extra devices are available.

  • Students will need to ensure they have a high-speed internet connection at home.
    • For students who do not have the internet, a hot spot may be available for checkout. Please contact your school.

  • Know your student’s logins and passwords.

  • Register in the Password Reset Tool.

  • Learn how to contact your school from home.

  • Know how to contact the teacher through your digital classroom and other digital tools.

  • Set up a place to focus on learning at home.

  • Have a few independent reading books. Know how to access e-books through the school's library.

  • Use the available self-help resources (technical and instructional) to answer many common questions around applications and technology.

  • View Jeffco’s Remote Learning Tips for Students.

  • Remote Learning Behavior/Code of Student Conduct: As a reminder to families and students, the Jeffco Public Schools Code of Student Conduct applies at all times – whether a student is attending in-person learning or remote learning. Visit the Remote Learning Behavior Expectations webpage to learn more.

Technology Supports

Internet Connectivity for Students

Students and families without reliable internet access should reach out to their school for help. School staff will then work with central IT staff, community partners (such as the Jeffco Schools Foundation and Jefferson County Public Library), businesses, and others to ensure students have access to home internet for remote learning. Find low-cost internet options to consider.


If a student does not know their password or is locked out of systems, they can reset their own password and unlock their account using the Password Reset Tool. In order to do this, students should follow the Resetting My Jeffco Student Password Tech Tip found on the Student, Family & Community Technical Resources site in the Password Management section. NOTE: Students must know their current password, or have registered Security Questions & Answers in the tool in order to login to the Password Reset Tool.

Student Devices

The District identified the total number of devices we have available and has been working to redistribute those so that each student has access to a device that they can use for remote learning. All 5th and 9th grade students received a new device at the beginning of the school year as part of the TechForEd program. The school-owned devices they were using are being redistributed to lower grade levels. Our 6th and 10th graders received devices through this program last year.

Supporting Students and Their Families

We continue to staff an external technical helpline at 303-982-3438 for students and their families. Additionally, we have developed a flowchart to help families navigate who they should contact about technical issues. Our public website has two great resource pages: the device support page and our technical resources page, which include resources for Chromebooks, iPads, Google Classroom, Schoology, SeeSaw, and more. Most of the technical resources linked have been translated into multiple languages.

Technology Tools

IT and Ed Tech have worked together to release and support additional digital tools and applications, such as Actively Learn, Adobe Spark, Screencastify, and Zoom, as well as streamline existing tool usage and processes to complement our dynamic educational environment this year.

Families have access to the Securly Home App to both monitor and control their student’s activities on their Jeffco devices. The District also purchased the Securly classroom management tool for use by teachers district-wide. One of the key benefits of Securly Classroom Management is that it can be used for both in-person and virtual classroom environments.

Food and Nutrition Services

Just as we had in the spring during all remote learning, our Grab & Go food distribution sites will be open. For more information about locations and hours see our website and the bottom of every e-newsletter.

Childcare Services

SAE (School Aged Enrichment) will offer fee-based childcare for students at five consolidated sites across our district (Lukas Elementary, VanArsdale Elementary, Kyffin Elementary, Shaffer Elementary, and Blue Heron Elementary).

  • Students would be able to attend these locations from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

  • Enrollment preference will be given to families that are currently enrolled in any SAE program across Jeffco Public Schools. There are additional spots available. For families interested in enrolling in SAE to have childcare at any of these sites during remote learning, please see this website or call (303)982-1741. Newly enrolled families will be accepted based on available space in the program and completion of the enrollment process.

For schools that currently contract with another private provider for childcare, please contact your provider to understand their childcare options. A limited number of school sites and seats will be made available for childcare for students in grades PK-5. The number of sites and seats available will be determined based in part on the public health guidelines at the time. Decisions on seats will be made based on need, such as students who qualify for Free and Reduced-Price Lunches (FRL).

For external providers in Jefferson County, please learn more about options on the Colorado Shines website. This site provides comprehensive childcare options throughout Jefferson County.

Communication With Families

Jeffco Public Schools will be continuously communicating with families during this transition time and while in remote learning. The District will continue to provide critical updates and information via our Community Update email newsletter. Schools and teachers will be communicating about their specific schedules, classes, and details related to their school. In addition, announcements and important updates will be shared through:

If you are not receiving email, phone calls, or text message communications, please check your contact information settings in Jeffco Connect or contact your school office for additional support.

All families should be receiving the District’s Community Update e-newsletter. If you are not or have unsubscribed in the past, sign up to join the Community Updates email list.

Jeffco Public Schools Main Line 303-982-6500
Charter School Office 303-982-6805
Community and Family Connections 303-982-1144
Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion 303-982-6559
Food and Nutrition Services 303-982-6748
Gifted and Talented 303-982-6650
Health Services 303-982-7251
Preschool (Early Learning Department) 303-982-1737
Safe2Tell 1-877-542-7233
Special Education Community Support Line 303-982-6682
Student Services (mental health support) 303-982-7263
Remote Learning Support Line 303-982-3438
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