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Tech for Ed

Tech for Ed in Jeffco

Jeffco Public School’s 1:1 program provides first- through 12th-grade students in neighborhood and option schools a district Chromebook. This creates an equitable and sustainable model for technology-enabled classrooms that prepares students to thrive in a connected, digital world in alignment with the Jeffco Thrives Strategic Plan.

All students can access a district-purchased and managed Chromebook to personalize their learning. This closes the digital device divide and addresses the inequities in classrooms to transform learning.

Students in grades K-12 can also access a variety of digital applications and consistent tools that give them opportunities to demonstrate learning in creative and challenging ways. Each of the technology tools supports students as creators, collaborators and innovative problem solvers rather than as consumers of information.

The program also allows for professional development and learning for teachers to use the provided tools and devices to transform student learning experiences. Having consistent tools and opportunities for teacher training allows for more challenging learning and student engagement and deeper technology integration. 

System Benefits Aligned to Jeffco Thrives 2025

Technology Resources

Device Care and Repair

Students are responsible for their TechforEd devices. All new Chromebooks come with a case and screen protector that are required to maintain their warranty. Jeffco will repair all Chromebooks. Students should turn in broken devices to their school and will be provided a different device.

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Digital Citizenship and Wellness

Jeffco believes students should gain the skills to be digital learners, leaders and citizens. To that end, the district provides a consistent set of tools and resources to support digital literacy, citizenship and wellness for schools, families and students.

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Digital Learning Applications

Jeffco offers a menu of supported digital tools that expand equitable experiences essential for students to thrive and supports teachers with professional learning and lesson ideas.

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Low-Cost Internet

Comcast and Centurylink offer low-cost internet services through the federal Affordable Connectivity Program. Financial support can be requested through the Jeffco Schools Foundation. Jeffco IT is also able to offer long-term hotspots to qualifying students for remote learning.

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Tech Support

Jeffco IT supports students and families in a variety of areas, including password resets, device troubleshooting, systems status alerts and other issues.

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Contact Us

Contact the Family Response Service Team (FRST) to have a technology ticket submitted on your behalf.